Bespoke Conservatories

Bespoke Conservatories: The Only Way to be Unique

DIY conservatory kits sell like hotcakes in home improvement superstores these days. These kits hold so much appeal because they give homeowners a chance to have their own conservatory in an instant, but without the added cost and headache associated with hiring builders and such. The problem with DIY conservatories, as easy to make as they are, is that they are cookie-cutter conservatories. They lack the uniqueness that bespoke conservatories have.

Conservatories are a huge investment. Their importance as an investment lies on the same level as that of your car or even your house itself. If you are going to spend your money on this kind of investment, you might as well go for something unique, outstanding and worthwhile. You will only get that from bespoke conservatories.

What Are Bespoke Conservatories?

As their name suggests, bespoke conservatories are conservatories specifically designed for your own house. They are not cookie-cutter conservatories that DIY conservatory kits often are. Instead of you being limited to the traditional styles that you can get from DIY conservatory kits, you can have a conservatory that was built specifically with your own property in mind.

With bespoke conservatories, you can exercise your own creativity and play with a few ideas on how you want your conservatory to look like. You can even brainstorm ideas with members of your household. But most of all, you will be able to maintain the integrity of the design of your house without submitting to the limited choices offered with DIY conservatory kits and traditional designs.

On the downside, bespoke conservatories can be expensive to construct. You would need to work with builders to get the right measurements and elements in place. The price of the materials is also highly variable because you may need more than what is required for self-build or DIY conservatory.

Designing Bespoke Conservatories: Considering Space and Function

When you are in the process of designing your own bespoke conservatories, there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind. Amongst the most important ones that you need to think about are the space the conservatory will occupy as well as its function.

The space that bespoke conservatories will occupy will greatly affect the overall design that the conservatory will eventually have. If the space to be occupied is big, the conservatory will have to compensate in size to make the most use of this space. You may choose not to have the walls of your conservatory entirely made of glass so as not to overwhelm the occupant with so much "open" space. You can opt for only the front of the conservatory to be made of glass, and you can choose to have a roof that is only partially made of glass as well.

The same applies if the space to be occupied by bespoke conservatories is small. There are tricks that can be applied to make the space appear bigger, such as vaulted ceilings entirely made of glass and full glass walls.

The function the conservatory is to have - in short, the purpose of the conservatory - is another huge factor that needs to be considered in designing bespoke conservatories. Is it to be a living room, a home office, a den, a kitchen or a dining room? How will the furniture be laid out inside the conservatory? These questions on function and purpose need to be answered in planning a custom-built conservatory.

Designing Bespoke Conservatories: Spatial Relationships

And yet another factor that needs to be considered when designing bespoke conservatories is how the conservatory will relate to the exteriors of the house, the interiors of the house, and the architecture of the house itself.

More often than not, conservatories are meant to serve as a bridge between the house's grounds and its interiors. This is something that is especially highlighted with bespoke conservatories. There should be a natural flow between the interior of the house with the external surroundings of the house through the conservatory. You can knock out a wall of your house, install French doors or sliding panels, or have full glass walls for your conservatory to achieve this effect.

When designing bespoke conservatories, the actual architecture of the house plays a huge role. After all, the purpose of having the conservatory built bespoke is for the conservatory to match the architecture of the house. The roof of the conservatory may be a copy of the roof of the house, for instance. Or if the house is old and has a lot of detailing, you can minimise the detailing on the conservatory so as not to take the eyes away from the beauty of the main house itself.

If you are going to invest in a conservatory, you might as well look into bespoke conservatories. They are the best way to ensure that you will have a conservatory that is unique and that will truly feel like a part of the main body of your house.