Uses for your Conservatory

Conservatories -The Top 5 uses.

A conservatory can be a flexible addition to any property. A kitchen extension, dining room, office or even a restaurant dining area, a bespoke, well designed conservatory can provide a useful additional space all year round.

Not only will a conservatory provide extra space to the property, providing it is a quality conservatory, designed to become part of the overall property rather than stuck on the side as after thought, a conservatory will also increase the value of the property.

As we have already discussed, a conservatory or orangery added to your property can add a room which could serve a wide range of uses within a home, or even a commercial property. Below we will cover some of the most popular uses of a conservatory, and why a bespoke conservatory may be better than a traditional extension.

The top 5 Uses for a Conservatory:

1. Kitchen Conservatory. Adding a conservatory to your kitchen not only provides you with an extension to one of the most important rooms in the house, but also creates a light and relaxed atmosphere. A kitchen conservatory will transform the room from an isolated room which is only used for preparing food, to an informal area for all to relax.

2. Dining Room Conservatory. Rather than having a conservatory directly off your kitchen, many people prefer to have the conservatory off their dining room, creating a totally unique experience for dining. Clever use of lighting means the room can be used no matter what time or day, or year.

3. Sitting Room Conservatory. A sitting room conservatory can be styled in anyway you like with either conservatory furniture, or alternatively, more traditional sitting room furniture. Either way, adding a conservatory to this room will transform one of the most used rooms in the house.

4. Home Office Conservatory. With more and more people working from home, the home office is becoming a vital part of any house. Rather than loosing a room in the house to use as an office, a conservatory adds a refreshing home office in comparison to the bedroom office's in most houses.

5. Growing Plants In A Conservatory. For the keen gardener, conservatories and orangeries not only opens up the range of plants and flowers your can grow, but also allows you to enjoy the garden in all weathers, throughout the year, by bringing the garden inside.

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