Conservatory Advice

Advice about buying a conservatory

  1. Mark out in your garden where the conservatory will approximately go to get a feel for how much space it will take. Is there still enough room for an outside seating area if you need one?
  2. Browse the internet and send off for some brochures to get an appreciation of different designs.
  3. Unless you will be a cash buyer consider taking out loan for your conservatory with a bank or building society (search for a personal loan) as opposed to any finance deal that the suppliers offer you.
  4. Buy the best conservatory in the most expensive material your budget allows if you want it to last and keep looking good.
  5. Get at least three companies to quote you. Read this article for good advice on getting a quote.
  6. Before making the final decision on your supplier ask to see some of their previous work and speak to the owners to get feedback on how well the installation went, was it as they expected etc.
  7. Remember a conservatory in a south facing garden will get extremely hot in the summer unless you have sufficient ventilation and a north facing conservatory will be cold in the winter and will need heating or to be well insulated.