Hardwood Conservatory

Attain True Elegance with a Hardwood Conservatory

It is a shame that many homeowners choose to have a uPVC conservatory instead of a hardwood conservatory. Whilst it cannot be denied that uPVC conservatories make having a conservatory more affordable and easy to do for most homeowners, these plasticised conservatories cannot really match the beauty and elegance of a conservatory made of hardwood. In many ways, a uPVC conservatory is more of a shortcut when compared to a hardwood one.

If you are going to invest some money in a conservatory - and conservatories are indeed an investment - you should make the most of it and opt for a hardwood conservatory if you can. It will not put you into financial constraints and you will learn to appreciate the true beauty and elegance that hardwood has. In the end, it will also help increase the market value of your property more than a uPVC conservatory would.

Misconceptions about the Hardwood Conservatory

There are many reasons why many homeowners would rather construct a uPVC conservatory rather than a hardwood conservatory, but mostly it is because they believe they cannot afford hardwood. They have this notion that not only would a conservatory made of high-grade wood be expensive to build, but it would also be expensive to maintain.

It is true that a hardwood conservatory can be quite expensive to construct, but even then, you have many options to choose from. The price actually relies on the type, quality and grade of the hardwood to be used, and this price varies amongst these factors. It also depends on the suppliers and builders you will hire for your conservatory project.

Thus, it is entirely possible to have a hardwood conservatory at the price of a uPVC conservatory. It is just a matter of you choosing carefully the kind of hardwood you would use, as well as the suppliers and builders you would be working with if you would not be building your conservatory yourself.

As for the annual maintenance of a hardwood conservatory, it is entirely true that you would be incurring expenses for the upkeep of your conservatory. But then again, the same applies with a uPVC one. Besides, hardwood is often naturally resilient against rot, mould, and other defects that constant exposure to the elements can bring. They would also be treated chemically to enhance this natural resilience.

The upkeep of the hardwood conservatory is only a means to protect the natural beauty of the wood. If you do this carefully and religiously, you would have a conservatory that will last for generations. Whatever investment you made initially with your conservatory would be more than worth it.

Be the Envy of Your Neighbourhood with Your Hardwood Conservatory

Because not everyone can afford having a hardwood conservatory - or because not everyone opts for it - you will become the envy of your neighbourhood if you choose to have one built on your property. Your neighbours will find every excuse they can find just to have a look at or even stay for an hour or two in your conservatory.

That is because a hardwood conservatory has a kind of beauty and character that a uPVC conservatory cannot hope to replicate. Of course, most uPVC conservatories are now manufactured to simulate the look of hardwood, but a simulation is never really the same as the real one. The feel of real hardwood against your skin, the effect of sunlight against it, the details on the grain of the wood itself, and even the smell of it is really different.

You will also get to appreciate the value of your hardwood conservatory even more when you decide to sell your house. Usually, the value of most homes becomes incremented with extensions, detailing and other home improvements. If your conservatory is made of hardwood and if you have done your job in maintaining it over the years, your house may become more attractive to buyers and fetch a higher sale price. That is definitely a good return on your financial investment on the conservatory.

So, a hardwood conservatory is obviously the better choice if you were to invest in a conservatory. It is not really as expensive as you may think it is, and if you take care of it properly, your conservatory will last for many, many years to come. It will also increase the market value of your property a lot higher. And more than that, you may find yourself enjoying your conservatory even more simply because it looks beautiful in a truly natural way.