Conservatory sales tactics

Conservatory sales tactics?

It's a bit of a cliché to have the hard sell from double glazing and conservatory sales people but it still happens. Here I will tell you of a few typical approaches they will make to convince you that this is the best deal and that you should sign now.

Common conservatory sales techniques

Advice on avoiding the hard-sell

Here is some more advice that will help you avoid getting ripped off by the hard sell.

Conservatory Sales Tactics: Summary

To summarise, take your time. This is a very competitive business and there is no need to buy from the first person who shows you a conservatory brochure. Shop around, research approximate prices and know what you want and how much you are willing to pay.

"We are a small family business & have been for over 30 yrs, installing windows doors & conservatories & all home improvements, and are sickened by the tactics of BIG companies,its only salesmen that do this, we give a price & leave it with customer we dont sit down we measure work out price & leave, & they usually call us! but larger companies are always destroying the reputation of double glazing, also guys fitting out of vans with no warraties or come back, using sub-standard products, we fit high quality at the best price we can but our finish is perfect as all our refferrals will testify, so we dont all play magic number games with people, these salesman shouldn't even be allowed in! buy local buy small company & your service will be fantastic, because we actually care what you think of us!"


"im sorry Andy didn't know this was an English lesson, but with your sarcasm i bet you dont much is that why you used this page for free advertising really helped out the people NOT "

ian groves

"Ian Groves is right to a degree, although his grammar and spelling leave a lot to be desired.
I am a conservatory salesman working purely on commission, but believe me I provide a highly professional service allowing people time to make an educated and informed decision.
I will give my clients the best advice I can, I am not scared that they may get other quotes, cheaper or more expensive, I will advise them professionally on design, planning permission, building regulations, heating, flooring, electrics etc.
My clients buy from me because they are confident they will get a top quality conservatory designed for their requirements at a competitive price and delivered with as little hassle as possible within the agreed time frames.
If you want a quality conservatory, built to exacting standards at a competitive price in the Essex, Suffolk, Herts area then call me on 07935739240"

Andy McCafferty

"We had problems with a salesman from a conservatory/facias co. after answering his question 'who else are you getting a quote from?' - naively we told him and he proceeded to cancel our appointments with his competitors by pretending to be me. Needless to say we went with someone else. Many of these 'surveyors' are re-branded and ill-trained sales people who will lie to get their commission."


"The only thing putting me off going for a conservatory is the pushy sales tactics, particularly as I am single. This gave some good points for me to nbe aware of BEFORE they arrive. Will also tell them that teh more tehy push teh more I know they're better to avoid! Many thanks"

Linda B

"WELL WHAT CAN I SAY to such comments, every sales industry has there own sales techniques, so how would you sell a conservatory? or windows? go in measure and price then leave, I bet all field sales people would do that, NOT, I sell conservatory\'s for a living and class myself as a highly skilled person with knowledge of building regulations , planning permission,structural buildings etc I get paid a commission as well as a salary company car etc and advise people on the best way of building there conservatory hopefully from my company after all the customer have asked us there, not to sell them insurance or a swimming pool but a conservatory, it takes time to survey a property explain the benefits and calculate a price, after all you wouldn\'t buy a house or a car in 5 minutes would you, so stop talking crap and give people true advise instead of rubbish "

ian groves