Prices of Conservatories

Conservatory Costs and Prices

The table below details the mains costs and prices associated with building or improving a conservatory. These figures are a guide to the costs and will be dependent on the location and materials used to build your conservatory.

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UK Conservatory Costs: Disclaimer
Conservatory Category Description Units Price
Concrete base brick faced and including damp proof membrane per m2£94
Conservatory brickwork Cavity per m2£125
Conservatory brick work Single skin per m2£90
Conservatory-to-bridge drains assumes concrete lintel used per drain £30
Man-hole cover Sealed per man-hole £200
Re-site gully per conservatory £200
Move Man-hole requires building regulation approval per man-hole £200
Radiator in the Conservatory Supply and Fit per radiator £300
Install Electrical Connections per connection £30-60
Angled bricks on a Victorian style Squints, dog legs, specials per brick £3-5
"knock through" from adjoining room remove window and create opening for patio doors per conservatory £190-250
Insert Lintel per conservatory £400+
Insert Cavity Tray where conservatory roof connects to existing house walls per m2£65
Soakway per conservatory £190
Fabrication costs based on lean-to style per m2£50
Conservatory Basic fitted conservatory Per conservatory Up to £5,000
Conservatory  Fully fitted Conservatory with all furniture etc Per conservator Up to £30,000
Conservatory Luxury per m2£1000
Conservatory Basic Conservatory per m2£500+
Conservatory Luxuary Conservatory per m£1000+
Conservatory Furniture Cane furniture per conservatory £1000
Conservatory Furniture  Second Hand per conservatory £50
Conservatory Furniture Settee etc per conservatory £500
Conservatory Blinds per conservatory £1000-2000

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