Conservatory Design

Conservatory Design - Factors To Consider

There are many factors to consider when thinking about the design of your conservatory. The style of your house for instance and finding a design to compliment it and fit with the era of it. Your budget and costs will also have an impact on the design that you wish for. As will your lifestyle and what your needs will be from a conservatory.

Conservatory Style

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" as they say, and it is no different with the type of conservatory an individual may chose for their home. What looks fabulous and modern to some may look cold and boring to another and vice versa. One of the main considerations in thinking about the style and design of your conservatory is the style of the house you are adding it onto. Besides the fact that many houses are heritage listed and if the authorities do allow you to build a conservatory they will have the final say, a sleek modern conservatory may look completely wrong against a Victorian house. And a recently built semi-detached may look gaudy with an elaborate Victorian design conservatory attached to it.

If you have a very large and imposing garden a conservatory attached to the house may not look right at all. It could be worth considering a free standing sun house or a conservatory which is separate to the main house but linked by a corridor.

Conservatory Quality

Of course the quality of your building materials is crucial in building a successful design. It is better to build a conservatory of high standard using quality materials than spend a lot of your budget on cheap and elaborate frills. Likewise, allocate a good part of your budget to quality construction. Use a registered builder and do check out their qualifications and history before signing any contract with them. It may seem tempting to go DIY and save yourself a lot of money to build a more elaborate structure, but unless you are experienced in doing this type of project it is best left to the experts.

In the end it will be more beneficial to you and the value of your house if you spend your budget on quality materials and construction, rather than going for an elaborate, cheap designed conservatory.