DIY Hardwood Conservatory

DIY Hardwood Conservatory: Choosing What Is Real

It cannot be denied that DIY conservatories made from uPVC and lightweight plastic are very popular amongst homeowners these days.  They can be beautiful on their own, and their cost makes it very affordable for homeowners to have their own conservatory.  However, despite the beauty and affordability of uPVC conservatories, they truly cannot compare to the dignified elegance of a DIY hardwood conservatory.

What makes a DIY hardwood conservatory so special?  There are many myths and rumours about hardwood conservatories that made many homeowners turn away from them.  These myths and rumours particularly have to do with the price and durability of hardwood conservatories.  But as rumours go, they are not really true.  Here are the reasons why.

A DIY Hardwood Conservatory Is More Beautiful

As mentioned above, a conservatory made from uPVC materials can stand out in terms of beauty.  It is a matter how of how well the uPVC conservatory was constructed and the quality of the materials itself.  Also, uPVC can be manufactured to simulate the look and feel of a DIY hardwood conservatory.

But if you can afford to buy the real thing, why should you settle for a simulation of the real thing?  For all that technology now allows plastic to mimic the appearance of real wood, it still cannot capture the feel of having a genuine DIY hardwood conservatory.

That is because it would be difficult to copy the unique grains on hardwood.  On plastic, the simulation would look bland and - well, plasticised, with no pun intended.  Many types of hardwood can also be stained quite beautifully to enhance their natural colours.  Moreover, there are many kinds of hardwood that become lovelier as they age, and this is a phenomenon you can enjoy when you choose a DIY hardwood conservatory.

A DIY Hardwood Conservatory Is More Durable

One myth that is circulating in the world of home improvement is that a DIY hardwood conservatory lacks the durability of one made from uPVC.  The myth often cites the fact that hardwood degrades over time and that they can splinter.

The degradation and the splintering can indeed happen to a DIY hardwood conservatory if the homeowner does not show it the proper care that it needs.  Most types of hardwood are resistant to aging and pests in the first place.  If the wood pieces were given the proper treatment prior to constructing the conservatory, and if the hardwood conservatory is regularly treated every few years, you can make your hardwood conservatory last for a very long time.

A DIY Hardwood Conservatory Is Easy to Maintain

Inasmuch as it is true that you will need to have treatments performed on the hardwood as part of maintaining a DIY hardwood conservatory, this is not hard or expensive to do.  Just a few touch-ups of the required chemicals are all that is needed.  It will only take a few hours of work and the materials are not costly.

The homeowners who believe that a DIY hardwood conservatory is difficult or expensive to maintain are those who have not planned for this expense and have not prepared for it.  As a good custodian of your property, you should be able to schedule the work you would need for the upkeep of your home and property as well as the money needed for it.  It becomes a problem if you do not prepare for it at all.

A DIY Hardwood Conservatory Will Not Bankrupt You

One of the biggest myths regarding the DIY hardwood conservatory is that it is so expensive that it will bankrupt you if you go for it.  It is true that some hardwood types are indeed expensive, but there are also other hardwood types that are as cheap as uPVC.  In this light, it becomes a matter of choosing the right hardwood to use for your conservatory.

Besides, a conservatory should be seen as an investment, something that will improve not just the appearance and the atmosphere of your home but will also upgrade the value of your property in the real estate market.  If you should ever decide to sell your home, having a DIY hardwood conservatory that is excellently constructed and maintained well will help in fetching your house a truly good sale price.

As you can see, if you want an instant conservatory that will not get you spending a lot and if you do not mind the end result of it, you can settle for a uPVC conservatory.  But if you want something that is truly beautiful and if you can really afford to invest on it, you should go for a DIY hardwood conservatory.