DIY Lean-to Conservatory

The Basics of a DIY Lean-To Conservatory

When you first have the inkling to build a DIY conservatory on your property, you will find yourself faced with so many options as to how you should go about the job.  Probably one of the first decisions you will need to make involves the style of the conservatory you will build.  If you are like most homeowners, you would probably pick a DIY lean-to conservatory.

You are really not alone in this.  The DIY lean-to conservatory is one of the most popular choices when it comes to conservatory styles.  The lean-to conservatory style truly holds an appeal that transcends tastes amongst homeowners.  It is also considered to be most cost-effective amongst all the other conservatory styles.

What Is a DIY Lean-To Conservatory?

If you are not familiar with the different conservatory styles, you would naturally ask: What is a DIY lean-to conservatory?  Amongst conservatory builders and suppliers, the lean-to conservatory may also be referred to as a home extender.  That is because this is what the lean-to conservatory basically does - extend the home.

A DIY lean-to conservatory is a square or rectangular conservatory, either made with a dwarf wall or a full-height glass wall with panels.  They are typically just small spaces attached to the main body of the house.  The most distinguishing characteristic of the lean-to conservatory is its roof, which slopes at a downward angle.

How is a DIY lean-to conservatory different from a conservatory done in the Edwardian style?  Whilst the lean-to conservatory looks very similar to the Edwardian-style conservatory, the main difference can be seen on the roofing style.  As mentioned above, the lean-to conservatory has a roof that slopes downward.  The Edwardian style, on the other hand, has a hipped roof that points upward.

The Advantages of the DIY Lean-To Conservatory

The DIY lean-to conservatory is probably the most popular style of conservatory chosen by homeowners.  That is because this style of conservatory presents a lot of advantages for homeowners who want a conservatory attached to their homes.

One of these advantages is the fact that a DIY lean-to conservatory allows a homeowner who only has a small space to play with to have a conservatory despite this issue of space.  A lean-to conservatory does not take up a lot of space in construction.  It is just a simple square or rectangle with a sloping roof.  It does not present the same complications with space which conservatories done in the bayed Victorian or in the L-shaped Edwardian style present.

Another advantage that the DIY lean-to conservatory possesses is that just as much as it only requires a small space to build, it maximises the usable space in a conservatory.  Again, it all boils down to the fact that it is a simple square or rectangle.  You do not need to deal with unusual curves or angles that look pretty but are not at all usable.

A third advantage that a DIY lean-to conservatory presents is that it is more economical and simple to build.  You do not need to do a lot of measuring for correct angles to create a lean-to conservatory.  The lean-to conservatory also does not come with the usual trimmings that make Victorian- or Edwardian-style conservatories need to be pretty.  You can save up a lot of money with a lean-to conservatory.

A Few Considerations in Building a DIY Lean-To Conservatory

Inasmuch as a DIY lean-to conservatory holds a lot of appeal for many homeowners, there are still a few considerations that need to be made when building one.  The ones to be presented here have to do with available space.

A DIY lean-to conservatory is ideal for owners of small properties.  However, you should be careful as to how to place your lean-to conservatory.  Try not to put it too close to your neighbour's fence because you may generate the ire of your neighbours and be accused of invading their privacy because of your conservatory.  You may also get complaints about how your conservatory darkens your neighbour's house and such.

Also, if you have a big space on your property, should you really consider a DIY lean-to conservatory?  A lean-to conservatory may not truly work well on big properties because it would only look dwarfed and disproportional.  If you have a big property and you wish to invest on a conservatory, you may be better off with investing on the big conservatory styles, such as the Victorian or the gabled one.