External Conservatory Blinds

Exterior Conservatory Blinds: A Cool Solution to a Burning Problem

Conservatories are always charming additions to the house.  It is a place where everyone can just sit back, relax and enjoy the view of the garden or the landscapes that conservatories are often designed to look out towards.  There is just one problem with conservatories - they can get really hot in the summer and really cold in winter.  The solution that most homeowners take so that they can enjoy their conservatories all year round is the installation of exterior conservatory blinds.

Exterior conservatory blinds are the answer to the problems that internal conservatory blinds sometimes cannot solve, which mainly involves temperature control.  With internal conservatory blinds, there is a little more focus on the aesthetic value of the blinds rather than their actual function.

Such is the opposite with exterior conservatory blinds.  Of course, aesthetic values still matter, but most conservatory blinds made to be installed out of doors are designed to be more functional than their interior counterparts.

Temperature Control: The Focus of Exterior Conservatory Blinds

As mentioned above, exterior conservatory blinds are more intended to be functional than aesthetic.  Conservatory blinds that are meant to be placed outdoors have specific features that help in making the temperature in a conservatory more bearable regardless of the season.

For one, most exterior conservatory blinds are light in colour.  Light colours like white and the pastels naturally repel solar glare whilst dark colours and intense hues absorb the heat generated by solar glare instead.  Because the heat from the solar glare does not get absorbed by the conservatory blinds, the conservatory can remain cool enough for use even in during the peak of summer.

To enhance the reflective properties that the colours of exterior conservatory blinds bring, most manufacturers add a reflective layering on the blinds.  This makes the act of driving the solar glare away from the conservatory much more effective.

But it is not just the reflective quality of exterior conservatory blinds that should be lauded.  These outdoor blinds also have thermal properties that can store heat whenever it is necessary.  So in cold days, you can still enjoy your conservatory without freezing to death.

Of course you may ask: What about the light?  It definitely would not make sense that you have constructed a conservatory to enjoy sunshine and the great outdoors without really being outdoors, only to swath the conservatory in exterior conservatory blinds.  Well, most outdoor blinds have minuscule holes in them that allow the light to pass through, but without bringing in the heat.

Going Electric on External Conservatory Blinds

If you are going to install external conservatory blinds, you may be better off getting a model that is motorised and manipulated using a remote control.  Of course you can still opt for the manual model, but it will be difficult and uncomfortable if the weather outside is too hot or too cold.

Tugging at manual external conservatory blinds can also put unnecessary strain on the body.  This would not be conducive to health and can aggravate people who are in some sort of injury and whose mobility is compromised.

With electric external conservatory blinds, all you need to do is to press a button on the remote control and you can roll up or roll down your outdoor blinds.  Most electric blinds are also fitted with sensors so that they would automatically roll up or roll down depending on the temperature.  Also, many electric blinds are installed with timers so that you can program them to roll down at night on their own.  This is most useful for protecting the safety and privacy of your home, especially when you are not there.

Buying External Conservatory Blinds

As great as external conservatory blinds are, the one undeniable fact about them is that they can be quite expensive.  Therefore, they should be treated as an investment and their purchase should be planned carefully.  Otherwise, you will only end up wasting your money.

When you go shopping for external conservatory blinds, do not be obliged buy from the first supplier that you meet.  Take the time to shop around and choose from the wide variety of outdoor blinds and awnings available to you.  You will definitely find a better deal than the one offered to you by the first supplier.  Better yet, get quotes for your blinds from various suppliers and compare what they have to offer.

It is also crucial that whichever supplier from which you have selected to buy your external conservatory blinds should have sound policies on guarantees, warranties and returns.  You should have the option to return your purchase or ask for a replacement in case the blinds you bought are not the appropriate ones for your conservatory.  They are your protection in such cases.