Conservatory Orange Trees

Growing Orange Trees in Conservatories

A conservatory is the ideal place - apart from the Mediterranean - to grow an orange tree. It's warmth and sunshine during the winter months will keep it alive and allow it to start flowering and producing fruit earlier than if it were outside. Although they can be grown entirely in the conservatory it is nice to be able to bring them outside on the patio during the warmer summer months.

So, what do you need to know about growing orange trees in a conservatory?

What type of climate do orange trees like?

What type of soil or container do orange trees prefer?

Feeding your orange tree

Watering your orange tree

Pruning Your Orange Tree

Getting some edible fruit from your orange tree.

Pest Control on Orange Trees

Orange Tree Problems - Symptoms

Summary of Conservatory Orange Tree Growing

Although during hot weather orange trees are perfectly happy outside in a sheltered spot on the patio it is better to have a conservatory ( or winter heated greenhouse)  to protect them and enable them to continue growing during the late autumn to late spring time when it would otherwise be too cold in the UK.



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