Conservatory Plan

Steps for Planning Your Conservatory

Step 1: Decide if a Conservatory is right for you.

Plan to look at different options before deciding on the first one you consider and fall in love with it. How will you use your conservatory? How much time will you spend in your conservatory?

Step 2: Plan a Budget for your Conservatory.

How much are you willing to spend on your conservatory? If you will be spending the majority of your relaxation time in the conservatory it may be worth budgeting a bit extra money. If your conservatory is mainly for use as a greenhouse, then reconsider how much you want to spend.

Step 3: Look around at different Conservatories.

Spend time researching different designs and visiting conservatory displays. Look at the different types of conservatories and how they will best suit you. Decide what features you like and don't like, or need and don't need, to incorporate into your plan.

Step 4: Conservatory Suppliers and Designers.

Shop around for conservatory suppliers. Will you have an approved designer draw up plans for a bespoke conservatory? Or will you purchase a standard design from a conservatory supplier?

Step 5: Building your Conservatory.

Will you have someone else build your conservatory? Or are you going to DIY?

Step 6: Final touches to your Conservatory.

Choose the features of your conservatory. Decide on fittings and furnishings to suit your conservatory and lifestyle. Add a few plants and personalize your space. Then Enjoy!