Lean-To Conservatory

The Lean-To Conservatory: A Convenient Conservatory

If you fancy a conservatory on your property but the size of your grounds and the costs involved are preventing you from having one, you may consider building a lean-to conservatory. This style of conservatory is especially popular amongst homeowners who do not have a lot of space to play with in putting up their conservatories. It is also well favoured by homeowners who cannot afford to have or simply do not care for the more intricate conservatory styles.

The lean-to conservatory does have its own appeal. It is a square-shaped conservatory, typically with a roof that slopes at a downward and outward angle. It is also not uncommon to see a conservatory done in the lean-to style that has a flat roof.

Some people mistake the lean-to conservatory with the Edwardian-style conservatory. As mentioned above, the lean-to style has either a flat roof or a sloping roof. The Edwardian style, on the other hand, has a hipped roof.

Why Build a Lean-To Conservatory?

Are you wondering why the lean-to conservatory is highly popular amongst homeowners when it looks so plain compared to the Victorian or the gabled conservatory? The biggest reason behind the huge appeal of this style is that it is the most economical of all the conservatory styles.

A lean-to conservatory, for one, is a big space saver. Because it is just square or rectangular, you can be sure that you will be able to use every single inch of space inside your conservatory. Space is not wasted by the curves and the bays so favoured in, say, the Victorian style of conservatory.

Because of the space-saving qualities of the lean-to conservatory, it is ideal for homeowners with small properties. It gives such homeowners a chance to have a conservatory of their own but without worrying that it takes up too much of their limited yard space, which an L-shaped Edwardian conservatory or a bayed Victorian conservatory will do.

Most of all, it may be cheaper for you to choose a lean-to conservatory instead of the fancier types of conservatories. This style of conservatory is usually done up as just a small room and it is really simple to build. If you are building it by yourself, you would not find a lot of complications with it and you will be finished with the construction in a very short time. If you are going to hire a contractor instead, you can reasonably expect a much lower price for the contractor's services for building you this conservatory.

Options for Building a Lean-To Conservatory

If you are worried that your lean-to conservatory may look too plain, think again. You can actually have a number of options to make up for the simplicity of the shape and style of your conservatory.

One such option is that you can choose between having a dwarf wall or full glass panels for your lean-to conservatory. Dwarf walls can offer a bit more privacy and stability for your conservatory. A full-glass conservatory, on the other hand, gives you the full advantage of the light and the scenery available to you when you use the room.

Another option open to you is building a uPVC or a hardwood lean-to conservatory. Conservatories made of uPVC are very popular today because they are easy to build and quite durable. However, hardwood conservatories have their own unshakable appeal. Even though they are more expensive than uPVC conservatories, hardwood conservatories appear more elegant. They are also just as durable as uPVC ones.

Lastly, you can either hire a contractor or buy a DIY lean-to conservatory kit. DIY conservatory kits are widely available online and in home improvement superstores. Constructing your own conservatory may be a good project for you if you are inclined towards working DIY, but if you do not have the time nor the expertise, it is better to hire a contractor.

When Not to Build a Lean-To Conservatory

A lean-to conservatory is indeed a very appealing style of conservatory - that much is true. But not all properties are suitable for even this style of conservatory. Thus, you should really give it a thought if you ought to build a conservatory on your property or not.

One consideration that you should weigh in is whether or not you really have enough space in your yard for a small conservatory. If your lean-to conservatory would be too close to your next-door neighbour's fence after you have constructed it, you may get complaints from your neighbour about your conservatory darkening their house or compromising their privacy. The same applies to you - if you build your conservatory too close to the fence, chances are that you would have your privacy invaded too.

Also, your lean-to conservatory should be proportionate to the size of your house and your property. Oftentimes, the lean-to style is most suited to smaller houses and smaller properties. If your property is a fairly big one, you should opt for other styles that would utilise the available space more efficiently. Your lean-to type conservatory will only be dwarfed in such a space.