The Types And Features Of Sunrooms

Sunrooms are made chiefly out of glass to provide you with an outside view and allow sunlight to stream in the room. Due to their ease of installation, they can be placed at any place and adds space to the room. They can be designed in various style like Straight, Curved, Cathedral and Conservatory. If properly colored and filled with appropriate furniture, the sunrooms lend an elegant touch to the house.

Make Your Sunroom As Comfortable As Any Other Room In Your House

A specially built room enclosed mostly with glass to afford maximum exposure to sun is what is called a sunroom. If properly planned, the sunroom can be as comfortable as any other room in your house. The best part about building sunrooms is that it is quick and easy to build, unlike the traditional mortar and brick houses. It provides you the twin benefits of enjoying both outdoor and indoor surroundings. This benefit serves as a perfect retreat for nature lovers as they can sit comfortably in a homely atmosphere and watch and experience the beauty and thrill of nature.

Why Adding A Sunroom?

If you have the traditional rooms, then what is the use of adding a sunroom? The answer to this is simple since the sunrooms provide you with ample benefits. The traditional rooms are incapable of allowing light into the room other than from the doors and windows. With sunrooms, you can fill you room with natural light. They can be installed at any place you want to and add space to your house. If you love to stay outdoors and couldn't do so because of unfriendly climatic conditions, insects and other invasions, the sunrooms provide you the best year-round solution.

You need to select sunrooms properly so that it keeps you comfortable even during the chilly winter nights and the scorching summer months. It provides the perfect place for the family members to get together for cups of early morning and late evening coffee. They lend a sophisticated touch to your house and your lifestyle. They can be built easily and quickly within just a few weeks and does not disrupt your home and life.

Beautifying Sunrooms with Sunroom Furniture

The sunroom is not complete if it is not properly filled with appropriate furniture. The type of sunroom furniture will depend on the reason why you have built it. If it is built in the attic, you can fill it with recreational furniture with comfortable sofas, music system, television sets and exercise equipments. If built in the bathroom for a spa experience, it needs to be properly decorated with bath and shower fixtures, perfumed candles, potted plants and soft carpets. If it is your bedroom, fill it up with a master bed with rugs, cushions and plants.

Similarly, a sunroom built as a den or a study can have wooden shelves to accommodate the books with cushions, lamps and rocking chairs. For dining purpose, you can have a center table with similar chairs surrounding it with a chandelier hanging in between. You can use it as an enclosed patio filled with sofas, chairs, floral vases and shelves to accommodate drinks and food. For kitchen purpose, you can fill it with a side table facing the glass with ovens, fridge, cutlery, flower baskets and chairs. Likewise, depending on the reason it is to be used, whether as an office room, private spa or recreational room, you fill in the furniture accordingly.

The Common Sunroom Plans

There are a number of factors that you need to consider while preparing your sunroom plans. You need to check out for planning permission. Cooperate with the constructors. According to your budget, buy the best sunroom you can afford. Prior to building it, collect information on the construction material and glazing options. Place the furniture before designing the sunroom to have an idea of the size that you require. Make sure that you calculate the size of internal floor and consider the quotations before making the purchase.

Try to use colors that match the color of your house. Make sure that there has effective insulation, glazing and roofing system. Make the height of the floor same as that of your house. Do not build the dwarf walls high as it can restrict your garden view. Build it in a room that is well used. Always select a style and shape for your sunroom that will not only go well with your room, but also enhance the overall appearance of the house.

As far as sunroom style is concerned, there are four basic styles - Straight, Curved, Cathedral, and Conservatory. The patio sunroom enclosure brands can have aluminum finishes with wooden beams, with a straight, solid, insulated roof. The elegantly curved solarium designs are provided with balanced graceful lines adding a sophisticated look to your house. The Cathedral sunrooms are provided with vaulted ceilings and both side slanting roofs, offering both modern comfort and traditional style. The Conservatory style makes use of a number of glass pieces merging into a single beam on the roof. They can be styled in Victorian and Georgian models to lend a classic touch to your room.

The solariums are energy efficient. They offer low reflectivity and high visibility. The sunrooms offer you peace of mind as you sit amidst nature and indulge in you favorite pastime. It is not only healthy for the mind, but also for the body as the sunlight streaming in boosts the production of Vitamin D. The sunrooms provide you with 365 days of comfortable and healthy living, allowing you to enjoy both outdoor and indoor environment.

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