Teak Conservatory Furniture

Teak Conservatory Furniture: Conservatory Furniture That Will Last for Generations

Teak conservatory furniture can be seen to be quite expensive, especially when compared to its cane or rattan counterparts. Nonetheless, conservatory furniture pieces made from teakwood remain popular amongst homeowners and furniture buyers despite their cost.

Why are teak conservatory furniture pieces so appealing? There are so many reasons behind the continuing popularity of teakwood for furniture, but of all these reasons, the one considered to be most important is its durability.

Teakwood: The Foundation of Teak Conservatory Furniture

Teak conservatory furniture pieces are made of teakwood. Teakwood is derived in turn from the teak tree, known in scientific circles as Tectona grandis. Tectona grandis is the commercial species of the teak tree, and they grow natively in countries such as India, Burma, Sri Lanka and Thailand. There are two other species of the teak tree, namely the Tectona hamiltoniana of Burma and the Tectona philippinensis of the Philippines, but both these species are endangered.

The natural qualities of teakwood make teak conservatory furniture the ideal choice of furnishings for conservatories. Teakwood is naturally resistant to sunlight, moisture, rot, fungi and insect infestation. It can also withstand the effect of harsh chemicals. Teakwood is considered to be the most durable of all the types of hardwood available in the world, and the fact that teakwood is used for making boats and for furbishing airplane interiors is a true testament to its durability.

One example of a ship made with materials that include teakwood is none other than the Titanic. Even though the Titanic sank nearly a hundred years ago, researchers have found that the teakwood panels used in its decks are still quite good. Thus, if teakwood is good for the sunken Titanic, it is good for teak conservatory furniture. You can expect furniture pieces that you buy which are made of teakwood to last your family for generations.

How to Choose Teak Conservatory Furniture

Even though teak conservatory furniture pieces are guaranteed to be durable enough to last you through the years, you should still be careful about choosing which ones to buy. There is, after all, good teakwood, and there is not-so-good teakwood.

When you choose teak conservatory furniture pieces, you should always go for the ones made with what furniture makers call "Grade A" teakwood. This so-called "Grade A" teakwood is the type of teakwood that does not contain any knots or visible defects. This is the kind of teakwood that has been proven strong and truly durable.

How can you be sure that the teak conservatory furniture of your choice is really made from Grade A teakwood? The most visible sign is that the furniture pieces you are looking at does not have any splits or cracks along the grain of the wood.

Another thing you should look at when picking out pieces of teak conservatory furniture is the colour of the wood. Teakwood, when new, has a rich brown or honey-coloured hue. But it is not uncommon to find teakwood furniture pieces that appear greyish in colour. Gray teakwood is actually teakwood that has been allowed to age under the elements. There is no need to paint teakwood furniture because the natural colour of this hardwood is lovely in itself.

Caring for Teak Conservatory Furniture

You can be certain that the teak conservatory furniture that you buy will last you beyond your lifetime. Nonetheless, your utmost care is still needed to make sure that your teakwood furniture pieces will still look lovely as they did the day you brought them home to your conservatory.

Teak conservatory furniture pieces turn grey as they age. However, you can turn back the time and make the wood appear honey-brown again with a little sanding on the surface. When you sand your teakwood furniture, make sure that you are going along the grain rather than against it. Sanding against the grain will ruin your furniture. Try not to overdo the sanding; you only need to bring out the natural honey-brown colour of the surface. Wipe the resulting dirt off your furniture with a clean cloth.

You can also enhance the natural protection of your teak conservatory furniture by applying teakwood oil on its surface. Coat the surface of your furniture liberally with the oil and using even brushstrokes, but not too much that your furniture is dripping with it. Let this first coat dry and then apply a second coating.

Cleaning your teak conservatory furniture also helps it become more resistant to mould and mildew. When you clean your teakwood furniture, always use warm water and mild detergent. Rinse it thoroughly and allow it to dry overnight.

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