Wicker Conservatory Furniture

Choosing Wicker Conservatory Furniture

When you visit a store or a showroom that sells furniture and decor for conservatories, you are likely to find many pieces of wicker conservatory furniture. It does not matter if these furniture pieces are made of rattan or cane, or are faux wicker or any other style. In a furniture store that specialises in conservatory furniture, you will always find something made with wicker.

Why is this so? That is because of all the furniture styles that are used in fitting conservatories, those made of wicker are probably the most sought after. Wicker conservatory furniture pieces hold an irresistible appeal for homeowners, so much that they have become a classic and popular choice.

The Rustic Elegance of Wicker Conservatory Furniture

A huge part of the appeal that wicker conservatory furniture holds lies in the fact that these pieces have a rustic elegance that fits the style by which most conservatories are built. Conservatories have large, glass-paned windows that almost always look out towards a lovely garden, an open field or a beautiful natural landscape. They are often built along romantic and whimsical lines, such as Victorian or Edwardian, although it would not be strange to find a conservatory in a modern or contemporary style.

The rusticity of wicker conservatory furniture fits the atmosphere that most homeowners wish to create with their conservatories - an atmosphere that is meant to be serene and relaxing. Wicker furnishings are made from natural materials such as bamboo and rattan, and these materials make the furniture blend into the natural surroundings of the conservatory perfectly. It is like extending an arm towards nature and embracing it. Even faux wicker furniture pieces - those made of plastic and other synthetic materials - try to their best to blend in.

Wicker Conservatory Furniture: Value for Your Money

Another great thing about wicker conservatory furniture is that they are not as expensive as conservatory furniture made from teak or any other kind of solid wood. But that does not mean that wicker furniture pieces are cheap. It is more like they give you a lot of value for your money.

Wickerwork, if tended carefully, is durable and long-lasting. Wickerwork furniture can last for generations. If your wicker conservatory furniture is made from rattan, the durability is almost a total guarantee because rattan is one of the materials used in furniture that are well-known for endurance. Your wicker furniture will truly last you a long time.

Wicker conservatory furniture pieces are not as expensive as other kinds of conservatory furniture and they are durable enough to last you a lifetime with proper care. Is that not good value for your money?

Wicker Conservatory Furniture: An Environment-Conscious Choice

Perhaps another part of the appeal of wicker conservatory furniture pieces is that they are seen as an environment-friendly choice, especially those made of rattan. Teaks and other solid wood materials used for furniture are straddling the line towards becoming overharvested and endangered. This is why furniture pieces made with such materials are typically expensive.

The same cannot be said for wicker conservatory furniture made of rattan. Rattan is a species of climbing palms. They grow abundantly in Southeast Asia, and it only takes a number of years for them to shoot up to 152 metres, climbing and snaking around the trunks and through the branches of other trees.

When rattan is harvested for wicker conservatory furniture, their roots are not cut. This means that they can grow again into mature rattan and can be harvested again in a few years. In addition to that, forested areas where rattan grows abundantly are usually spared from logging activities to encourage the growth of rattan. Less deforestation is always good for the environment.

Making Wicker Conservatory Furniture Last

Wicker conservatory furniture pieces are lovely and elegant pieces that will give you value for your money because they are inexpensive and very durable. The key to their durability, however, is your taking good care of them.

It is important that wicker conservatory furniture should be moved around in the conservatory to make their fading even. It may be a good idea to put in a dehumidifier in your conservatory to minimise your wicker furniture's exposure to moisture, and thus prevent the development of mould and mildew.

When you clean your wicker conservatory furniture, you can simply remove the upholstery, take them out to your yard and hose them down. But you have to dry them quickly so as to prevent damage to the varnish and the finishing of your furniture.

Applying furniture polish also helps a lot to protect your wicker conservatory furniture, but be sure that the product you choose is something that does not contain harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals will make your furniture fade more quickly.

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