Wooden Conservatory Furniture

Buying Wooden Conservatory Furniture

Today, most homeowners shy away from buying wooden conservatory furniture. They think that such a type of furniture is not only expensive but also hard to maintain. In these days, when the economy is uncertain and when even people with the means to buy what they want are spending only on what is essential, practicality governs decisions such as purchasing conservatory furniture.

Whilst there is truth to what these homeowners believe, that wooden conservatory furniture pieces are expensive and can be hard to maintain, there are many advantages to owning conservatory furniture made of wood. Unlike such furniture made of plastic, metal or any of those practical materials, conservatory furniture crafted from wood are unique and utterly beautiful.

What Makes Wooden Conservatory Furniture Beautiful

Conservatory furniture made of contemporary materials such as plastic and metal are popular choices these days. They are practical, durable and easy to maintain. And yet, despite their virtues, these types of conservatory furniture cannot hold a candle to the unique beauty of wooden conservatory furniture.

What makes wooden conservatory furniture so beautiful? For one, they have rich natural colours that cannot be mimicked by furniture made with synthetic materials. It is not even necessary to paint wooden furniture if you do not want to, although a coat of lacquer or varnish will enhance the natural colour of the wood.

Wood surfaces also have whorls and grains that are very interesting to look at. They are visual treats that can make the eyes stare. Overall, these natural colours and patterns possessed by wood give wooden conservatory furniture a truly distinct character. It is a character that they lend to the look and atmosphere of the conservatory in which they would be placed.

Another thing that makes wooden conservatory furniture pieces so lovely and desirable is the fact that they are handcrafted with painstaking attention to quality and detail. It is easy to know if a piece of wooden furniture does not make the grade, and with wood so expensive and precious, most woodworkers are more than eager to make a good job of their craft. Thus, you can almost be sure that your wooden furniture is worth the money you are paying for it.

In addition, more often than not, no two handcrafted pieces are ever alike. No two slabs of wood are ever the same, with the intensity of their colours and the cut of their grain. So, if you own wooden conservatory furniture, you are to be sure that your neighbours will not be able to copy them.

Wood Choices for Wooden Conservatory Furniture

When you buy wooden conservatory furniture, either as ready-made sets or as bespoke pieces, the choice of what type of wood they were made of matters a lot. There are many different types of wood. Not all of them are strong, durable or resilient enough to be used as furniture for conservatories. Some types of hardwood or softwood used in making furniture are harder and more desirable than the others.

For wooden conservatory furniture, teakwood is often the most popular choice. Teakwood is considered to be the hardest of all hardwoods, and furniture pieces made from teakwood are typically expensive. But it is money worth spending; teakwood is very resistant to rot, mould, mildew, and other forms of damage. It does fade from sun exposure, but when it fades its colour turns into a lovely silver hue. It can, however, be restored to its honey-brown colour with some light sanding. With the proper care, teakwood furniture can last your family for generations.

If you cannot afford teakwood, there are other choices of wood for wooden conservatory furniture, but the difference would be huge. Cedar, cypress and mahogany are other popular choices for wooden furniture.

Caring for Wooden Conservatory Furniture

As mentioned above, wooden conservatory furniture pieces require a lot of care so that they can withstand damage from the elements, from rot and from wood-infesting pests. Not all people are willing to invest on the care and maintenance of wooden furniture even if they have the means for it. You can only be safe from doing all that maintenance work if you have chosen teakwood furniture.

But as the old adage goes, an ounce of protection is worth more than a pound of cure. Your wooden conservatory furniture pieces will maintain their beauty if you put all the necessary protections for them on a regular basis. Putting a protective finish on them, treating them and sealing them every couple of years or so will do a lot towards making your furniture last.

Buying wooden conservatory furniture is an investment. It is an investment you would not regret making, and it is an investment that you should always protect.

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