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Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost

What is a Conservatory roof replacement?

Is your conservatory too cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer? Modernise and insulate your conservatory with high performance glass or a solid replacement roof. For years conservatories have been fitted with low quality glass or polycarbonate roofs which offer a cost effective roofing solution but comes at the expense of insulating and retaining heat in the winter, and because they’re often clear in construction with no solar reflecting properties act like a greenhouse in the summer.

New retrofit solutions are now available to overcome these problems, from looking and acting more like a traditional roof to high performance double glazing they will transform your conservatory into a more useable space all year round.

What’s involved with a roof replacement?

Transforming your conservatory into a more efficient and usable area involves several steps as follows:

  • Initial survey to establish high level requirements, design preferences and sizes to produce a quotation.
  • Should you wish to proceed a structural design survey will be arranged, this will involve accurate measurements of the existing conservatory in depth enough to produce manufacturing drawings.
  • Once all the components are manufactured the installation can take place.
  • The existing roof alongside any supporting structures will be removed and disposed of.
  • A structural frame and any necessary reinforcements will be installed.
  • The insulation panels will be fitted alongside any glazed elements.
  • Internally any plasterboard and first fix electrics will be installed.
  • If the roof is to be tiled this will take place next.
  • Externally any guttering and trims will be fitted to complete the outside.
  • Internally any second fix electrical, plastering and painting can take place.
  • Snagging and sign off.

Types of roof

Solid roof

A solid conservatory roof is made up of insulated composite panels usually mixed with glazed panels to give you the all the benefits of a solid insulated roof whilst still providing plenty of natural light.

Tiled roof

A tiled roof utilizes insulated structural panels sitting within an aluminum framework, tiles are then laid over these panels in a choice of colours. Large glazed panels can also be incorporated to provide natural light.

Performance glazed roof

Modern glazing can replace your old polycarbonate or single glazed conservatory. Providing additional thermal efficiency over older style glass and plastic you’ll still retain all the benefits of a glass roof but will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, it’ll still heat up more than a solid roof but will be noticeably better than polycarbonate or single glazing.

User submitted prices

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Job typeDescriptionPriceRegionUpdated
Conservatory roof
Tiled roof

We had our conservatory roof replaced with an Ultraroof tiled replacement roof, it was considerably more than we expected to pay but has transformed the room into to something that feels much more a part of the home, I’d do it again and just wished we had it done originally.

£18,850 (Total price)

South East2023

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