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Cost to Build a House

How much does it cost to build a new house?

Although building your own house can be considerably cheaper than buying from a developer or an existing house on the market, it’s still a significant investment. The increasing costs of land ownership, materials and skills shortage have reduced margins that were previously available.

However, embarking on a new build is an exciting venture, but understanding the costs involved is crucial for a successful build. The UK’s housing market is dynamic, and the costs associated with construction can vary significantly based on factors such as size, location, and design.

Below we’ve provided some ballpark figures for building different sized homes, and further down you can find prices submitted by WhatPrice users to give further insight into how much it can cost. You can also try our House Build Calculator for a rough estimate of build costs for various different sized homes.

House build cost

House SizeApprox. Cost Range (standard spec.)Approx. Size Range
3 Bedroom House£156,000 – £250,00090 – 150 m2
4 Bedroom House£260,000 – £360,000140 – 200 m2
5 Bedroom House£300,000 – £490,000150 – 250 m2
Standard spec. is based on fixtures and fittings you can expect to find in a usual developer new build. Try our house build calculator for Mid-range and high-end levels of fit out to see how it affects price.

Important Considerations:

  • Location: Costs can vary based on regional differences, with urban areas especially in the south generally being more expensive.
  • Quality of Materials: The choice of construction materials significantly influences costs.
  • Architectural Design: Unique or complex designs may incur higher expenses.

Understanding the average costs for different home sizes is a crucial step in the planning process. However, it’s important to note that these figures are general estimates, and individual circumstances, such as location and specific design choices, can influence the final cost. By delving into these details, you can embark on your home-building journey with a realistic budget and a clearer vision of what to expect along the way.

User submitted new build prices

Below are costs and prices submitted by WhatPrice users for new build bungalows or houses across the UK.

Build typeConstruction typeApprox size (m²)GarageDescriptionPriceUnitsRegionLevel of fit outUpdated
3 bed HouseTraditional brick/block124m²None

3 bed 2 bath detached house with single garage. 124m2 total floor area of buildings. Included central heating, kitchen, decorating etc. Complete build.

(£1,169 per m2)

Total priceNorth WestStandard developer spec2023
3 bed BungalowTraditional brick/block215m²External

bungalow with double detached garage

(£856 per m2)

Total priceNorthern IrelandStandard developer spec2023
4 bed HouseTraditional brick/block200m²External

Detached house with 4-bedrooms and separate garage. Overall size about 200m2


Per m²East of EnglandStandard developer spec2023
4 bed HouseTraditional brick/block148m²None

Ashford new three storey house 9m x 6m in red tudor brick work on three floors with 40m sq.m to top floor total 148 sq m. Upvc windows, magnet kitchen 1 bathroom including shower basin toilet, 1 shower room toilet basin, 1 toilet, two sets of stairs, engineered oak floor to ground floor except kitchen tiled. upvc windows, french doors and front door. upvc facias and barge boards. 10 Radiators. decorated internal and external. External works paving area 75 sq m. and turfing area 75 sq m. Total cost as estimated.

(£1,320 per m2)

Total priceSouth EastMid range2023

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