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Cost to Wire a Garage or Outbuilding

How much does it cost to run electricity to a garage or outbuilding?

Should you want to run a power cable to an external garage or outbuilding you’ll more than likely need the help of a qualified electrician. A new supply for a socket and lighting circuit may need an upgrade of the current household consumer unit if the current unit is full, if not then a suitably sized MCB can be installed and steel wire armoured (SWA) cable (or a cable run in conduit) fed to the external building. Once a supply cable is in place the installation of a mini consumer unit and electrical circuits can take place. This type of work is notifiable under Part P of the Building Regulations and an electrical certificate supplied.

User submitted wiring prices

Below are prices submitted by WhatPrice users for either quotations received or work done for garage or outbuilding electrical work, these are to be used as a guide only for costs involved. We always recommend sourcing multiple quotes from qualified electricians.

Job typeDescriptionPriceUnitsRegionUpdated
Outbuilding power

Two new outside lights on separate switches. Light and power into external garage (separated from house) with underground cabling. New consumer unit for RCD protection.


Total priceSouth West2023
Outbuilding power

install armoured cable to outbuilding, 25m run, 2 way RCD consumer unit with earth rod and 2 twin socket and 1 light with switch


Total priceNorth East2023
Outbuilding power

install swa supply to shed 10m from house, cable buried in duct under paving, install 2way consumer unit in shed, 1 light and switch, 1 socket, rcd fitted to main consumer unit, earth rod connected to shed consumer unit


Total priceEast Midlands2023
Outbuilding power

Fit new 40amp mcb in consumer unit. Run 12m 4mm cable in trunking from Non RCD side of consumer unit to junction box outside kitchen. From junction box run 30m 4mm 3 core SWA in trench to outbuilding RCD 2 way steel consumer unit. Fit 6 dble metal sockets connected with 2.5 in black plastic conduit 20m. 1 metal light switch and 5ft light. Fit 1 PIR with led lamp outside connected via metal fused switch, plus installation certificate.


Total priceSouth West2023
Outbuilding power

Fit new dual RCD 10way consumer unit and run new cable to garage 10mtrs with small consumer unit fitted in garage.


Total priceSouth East2023
Outbuilding power

Wire new ring main to converted garage with 7 double sockets and one spur for heater. Wire new lighting circuit with 3 new 5 foot fittings. Upgrade water and gas bonding.


Total priceSouth East2023
Outbuilding power

This was cost of running electricity supply to outside workshop (approx 30 metres distance from house)- 3 double sockets 2 seperately switched ceiling lights and seperate socket for panel heater. Price includes VAT.


Total priceEast of England2023

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