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Electrician Charges – Hourly Rates & Call Out Fees

How much does an electrician charge?

Calling an electrician out without being first quoted an estimate of fixed price will normally result in the job being charged at an hourly rate + parts, this can sometimes work in your favour if it’s a quick fix or small job but can also escalate quickly if it’s not straightforward.

If you’re anticipating any electrical work it’s always better to plan ahead and get a fixed quote or estimate. This of course is not always possible, especially in emergency situations, and is also when you’re most vulnerable to being overcharged. With that in mind we’ve laid out below what you can realistically expect to pay an electrician in these situations.

Call-out fee

Call out fee is usually applied to urgent out of hours work or unplanned work where your electrician has to set aside what they are doing to help. If the job can wait then it’s usually just hourly rate.

It’s common for the call-out fee to double the hourly rate, and often covers the first hour of work, but not always so do check.

Minimum charge

Many companies will quote that there’s no call-out charge and just set a minimum charge of 1 hour, so in reality that’s there call-out fee, whatever you want to call it it’s wrapped up in the first minimum hour, always remember to check whether VAT is included or not (it’s generally not included).

It’s reasonable to pay a minimum fee considering electricians have a large number of overheads including buying tools, running a van, certifications and insuring themselves amongst others.

Hourly rate

This is how much you would expect to pay an electrician irrespective of the job involved per hour, on top of the first minimum hour. The price per hour will vary depending on location in the country and demand of electrician’s services. Being called out of hours as an emergency service will demand a higher hourly rate than normal.

Generally most electricians will charge a minimum first hour then charge for every half hour on top of that, which is fair.

Typical prices

Job typeCost + VAT
Call-out fee£100 – £150
Hourly rate£50 – £100
Day rate£400 – £800
Emergency call-out£100 – £150
Emergency hourly rate£100 – £200
Upper end are generally London and inner city rates.

User submitted electrician charges

Below you can see what other WhatPrice users have paid, or been quoted for call-outs and hourly rates.

Job typeDescriptionPriceUnitsRegionUpdated
Hourly rates and call out fees

lights were not working downstairs, electrician came out repaired faulty light, replace breaker in consumer unit. Fees were £60 first hour then £40 per hour after.


Total priceEast Midlands2023
Hourly rates and call out fees

1AM Call out, could smell burning from light fitting.


Total priceSouth East2023
Hourly rates and call out fees

Sunday call out to replace a faulty lighting sensor in a commercial property.


Total priceNorth East2023
Hourly rates and call out fees

broken ceiling light, take down and replace with pendant. 30 minutes on premises. £60 call out fee, £5 for new pendant. no further charge required


Hourly rateSouth West2023
Hourly rates and call out fees

Tripping RCD. Caused by a loose connection in the back of a socket. Repair carried out in just under 1 hour.


Total priceNorth East2023
Hourly rates and call out fees

no sockets working fault found to be main switch rcd (what ever that is) in fuse box switch replaced and tested, only charged callout + switch 1830 on a friday.


Hourly rateLondon2023
Hourly rates and call out fees

Called out at electrician 9 at night, quick response 30 mins. Lights tripping upstairs. Engineer David spend an hour in the loft after finding a cable severed by stuff in the loft. New cable replaced. Only charged £75 which included repair. Courteous mature and polite.


Hourly rateSouth East2023

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