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Garage Conversion Costs

How much does a garage conversion cost?

These are example prices that we’ve received showing how much people have paid for having their garage conversions done. Whilst changing a garage – which just fill will junk anyway – to a living area is a great use of space, not having a garage isn’t to everyone’s taste. It could be that some people will be put off buying your house if you don’t have a garage – no matter how practical it is. Think carefully before you do it. The prices shown are mostly for complete jobs so encompass any paperwork that needs sorting, the building work, carpentry, electrical work and additions to the central heating. Please refer to the detailed description for more info.

User submitted garage conversion costs

Garage typeDescriptionPriceUnitsRegionUpdated
Double garage

I convert my garage into bedroom with small kitchen on the side for rental, they build small bathroom as well.they was very good people.I got new place to rent for income in just 3 weeks. but the job was professional.


Total priceSouth East2023
Single garage

Converted integral garage which already had a bedroom above and thick enough walls into living space. I already had electrics. Had to pay extra for Buildings Regs.


Total priceLondon2023
Single garage

single garage,remove door,install new cavity wall at front with window and insulated other walls and floor for spec. Electrical work which included 4 sockets and one light switch, the cutting of a door opening including the fitting of a new door, new ceiling plasterboards and plastering, floor screed and plumbing, skirting too. in fact a COMPLETE room in about 8 days, all passed by local authority.


Total priceEast Midlands2023
Double garage

Partial garage conversion. Converted middle 50% of garage into additional living room 15’x9′ approx. Erection of 2 stud walls,1 with door – all fittings. Fully insulated, 3 double-glazed windows, 2 made deeper by dropping 3 courses of bricks. Moving central heating pipework, fitting radiator without draining system. Installing 8 sockets, 6 ceiling spot lights, moving strip-lights and sockets / switches. Cut through into main property and fitted door. Fully plastered inside conversion and external stud walls in one day. 6 days work all told, rubbish removed / daily clean-up.


Total priceNorth East2023
Single garage

I had a single garage conversion with an extension at the back to add a en suite and a small extension to kitchen that included to builders finish supplying en suite down lights bay window in place of garage door doorway to garage from existing house knock through from kitchen to new extension


Total priceWest Midlands2023
Single garage

To convert a garage into an office space insulating all walls , ceiling and floor. Laying chipboard flooring and plasterboarding throughout.To build an insulated studwall to create storage area accessed from old garage door end.To create window opening and fit double glazed window beside existing rear door.


Total priceEast of England2023
Single garage

had garage conversion. excellent job, single garage to a playroom, completed in one week, no mess or fuss just got on with job.


Total priceNorth West2023
Single garage

Converted half our garage into an office, including building stud wall, drylining office space, suspended wood floor and a new UPVC window. VAT only on materials.


Total priceEast Midlands2023

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