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Kitchen Rewire Cost

How much does it cost to rewire a Kitchen?

If you’re having a new kitchen installed or renovated you may need new wiring, with additional electrical appliances, sockets and modern lighting available it’s often a requirement that’s overlooked when designing a new kitchen. High amperage supplies for cookers & ovens and locations of appliances probably changing you’ll need an electrician to come in and rewire the kitchen as a ‘first fix’ whilst your old one has been removed then come back and complete their ‘second fix’ once it’s completed.

Electricians typically charge £400 + VAT per day and you can expect a rewire to take anything from 2 – 5 days depending on complexity and whether the consumer unit needs upgrading as a result.

User submitted rewire prices

Whilst we endeavour to provide ballpark figures you can also see prices paid or quoted by WhatPrice users below, to give you an idea of costs involved.

Job typeDescriptionPriceUnitsRegionUpdated
Kitchen rewire

Full kitchen rewire with consumer unit


Total priceCymru Wales2023
Kitchen rewire

Full rewire of kitchen, garage and workshop, toilet, 13 dimmable LED spotlights, 6 switches, 2 dimmers, extractor fan, 1 cooker and oven isolators, garage distribution board


Total priceScotland2023
Kitchen rewire

Complete rewire of kitchen extension, with 3 new circuits back to board. Including 16 recessed spot lights (no access from above to run cables), and two pendant lights divided into 3 lighting zones, power supply for fridge freezer, extraction unit, plate warmer, steamer, induction hob, double oven, 8 double sockets throughout, under and over cupboard lighting, and external garden lights, with four speaker outlet points.


Total priceLondon2023
Kitchen rewire

Kitchen removed from downstairs ring circuit and circuit made good and tested. New kitchen circuit of 8 double sockets, 2 single sockets, cooker hood supply and isolator, outside socket and RCBO protection for entire circuit. New cooker supply and isolator. All cabling sunk and damage made good. All to Part P and certificated. Price includes all materials.


Total priceCymru Wales2023
Kitchen rewire

complete kitchen rewire, including 12 sockets, supplies to oven, supplies to dishwasher and extractor, supply to shed, installation and wiring of 14 spotlights, all brushed chrome sockets and switches supplied, under cabinet lighting supplied and wired, all materials supplied by the electrician, bargain price i thought compared to most quotes i received


Total priceSouth West2023
Kitchen rewire

kitchen rewire in se london including the fusebox changed and certified


Total priceLondon2023
Kitchen rewire

New cooker circuits. Consumer unit. test & cert. New kitchen ring, separated from old ring. Under cupboard lights x 8. smoke alarm. moving old light switches.


Total priceWest Midlands2023
Kitchen rewire

10 points in kitchen, extractor power, cooker, hob, 15 downlighters, 2 lanterns outside.


Total priceSouth East2023
Kitchen rewire

Full kitchen re-wire with 6 double sockets, four isolation points for fridge freezer, washer drier, and oven hood with new 5 way sub board, earthing to gas and water and light sall done to a high standard.


Total priceNorth East2023

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