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Gas Safety: Your Responsibilities as a Landlord

Keeping your tenants safe is your top priority, and gas safety plays a crucial role. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR) ensure all gas appliances and fittings function efficiently and pose no risk. As a landlord, you have three key legal responsibilities:

1. Annual Gas Safety Checks

Every 12 months, a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer must inspect all gas appliances and flues in your rental property. This ensures your tenants’ well-being and protects you from legal ramifications. Following the check, you’ll receive a Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR) documenting the inspections.

Flexibility: You can schedule the check within 10-12 months of the previous one, keeping the original expiry date. Earlier or later checks will reset the deadline to 12 months from the new date. If unsure about your LGSR, contact Gas Safe Register for guidance.

Tenant-owned appliances: While not directly responsible for them, you must ensure the safety of connected flues, unless they solely serve the tenant’s appliance.

2. Sharing the LGSR

Providing your tenants with the LGSR is mandatory. Current tenants should receive a copy within 28 days of the check, and new tenants at the start of their tenancy. For short-term lets (less than 28 days), display a copy within the property. Keep your LGSR records for at least two subsequent checks.

3. Regular Maintenance

Maintaining all gas equipment, pipes, chimneys, and flues is your responsibility. Refer to the appliance manufacturer’s guidelines for service frequency. If unavailable, an annual service is recommended unless your Gas Safe engineer advises otherwise.

Gas Pipework Check

Though not part of the annual safety check, both Gas Safe Register and the HSE recommend requesting the following during your check:

  • Tightness test: Ensures the entire gas system, including installation pipes, is leak-free.
  • Visual inspection: As thorough as possible, considering accessibility limitations.

While no formal record-keeping requirement exists for maintenance, be prepared to demonstrate regular upkeep and completed repairs for inspections.


Landlord Gas Safety check costs vary by Gas Safe registered businesses. Obtain at least three quotes before scheduling your check. Find qualified engineers in your area through the “Check The Register” page on the Gas Safe Register website.

Remember, prioritizing gas safety protects your tenants and safeguards your property. Be informed and responsible to fulfill your legal duties and create a safe environment for everyone.

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