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How much does it cost to lay a patio?

Laying a garden patio involves a meticulous process, taking into account site preparation, material selection, and professional installation. The initial steps include measuring the area, excavating the soil, and establishing a stable sub base using materials like crushed stone or gravel. A layer of sand is then added and compacted to provide a smooth surface for the slabs or pavers.

Paving types

Costs associated with laying a garden patio can vary based on factors such as size, location, and the chosen paving material. Here are average prices per square metre for popular patio materials:

  • Concrete Pavers: Readily available and cost-effective, concrete paving slabs typically range from £20 to £40 per square metre. Gone are the days concrete pavers were just uniform grey, availability of different patterns, sizes and finish make them a very affordable alternative to natural stone, whilst looking very similar.
  • Natural Stone: The elegance of natural stone, such as Limestone, Granite, Slate or Indian Sandstone, comes at a higher price, averaging between £40 and £70 per square metre.
  • Brick: Traditional brick pavers, renowned for their timeless appeal, cost around £40 to £60 per square metre.
  • Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain offers durability and a contemporary look, with prices ranging from £40 to £80 per square metre.
  • Composite Decking: For a wood-like appearance with minimal maintenance and better anti-slip properties, composite decking is an excellent option, costing approximately £40 to £80 per square metre.

Professional installation costs vary, influenced by design complexity, materials and local rates. On average, installation by a professional builder will range from £50 to £150 per square metre. For more specific and up-to-date costs, please refer to user submitted prices below.

User submitted patio costs

Job typePaving typeApprox size (m²)DescriptionPriceUnitsRegionUpdated
New patioPorcelain47m²

200 mm concrete

(£26 per m2)

Total priceCymru Wales2024
New patioNatural stone slabs25m²

excavate spoil lay 150mm mot stone lay 25m2 of indian stone with cement pointing on a mortar bed

(£63 per m2)

Total priceNorth East2023
New patioConcrete slabs30m²

clear and prepare ground with sub base and wack down lay 30m2 patio with a path to the patio in total 39m2 with a 600×600 buff slab

(£82 per m2)

Total priceLondon2023
New patioNatural stone slabs40m²

To install patio including path either side of chalet and path to kitchen door approx 40 sqm Clear site erect frame lay and compact base using a heavy duty plate. To supply and lay Indian Sandstone in random pattern with slight gradient All slabs to be laid on a sand and cement mortar base. Point all joints.

(£140 per m2)

Total priceSouth West2023
New patioConcrete slabs64m²

Excavated 4 inches, laid concrete pad and laid 64sq/mtrs of 400mm x 400mm slabs, with 2m of ACCO drain, 1:80 fall for drainage, shingle borders, laid extra course of bricks to back garden wall, repaired some damaged brickwork on the outside of the house. Labour only.

(£58 per m2)

Labour onlySouth East2023
New patioNatural stone slabs25m²

Cutting and laying 25m2 of 60cm x 45cm x 4cm stone slabs over existing brick patio. Re-cementing 2 bad drain holes and ensuring correct ‘fall’ for patio drainage. Cost of job included all equipment and materials except the actual stones which we provided. Intermittent rain so job took 5 days.

(£44 per m2)

Labour onlyEast of England2023
New patioNatural stone slabs60m²

complete remodel of rear garden 60m2 laying 30m2 patio in sandstone 7m2 of garden walls railway sleeper border walls 18 recessed led spotlights full planting of new raised borders all patio sealed all materials and labour inc in price

(£69 per m2)

Total priceNorth West2023
New patioConcrete slabs32m²

Removed old patio 3 x 3 metres. Extended new patio area to 4 x 8 metres and removed soil to depth of 15cm below ground level. Added 10cm sub base, compacted and then cemented slabs down and pointed with mortar.

(£41 per m2)

Total priceSouth West2023
New patioNatural stone slabs30m²

A 30 m2 patio with a man hole

(£247 per m2)

Total priceSouth East2023
New patioNatural stone slabs20m²

Rip up existing patio and dispose in skip relay approx 20 m2 of Indian Stone with 8 metres of block edging.

(£145 per m2)

Total priceNorth West2023
New patioNatural stone slabs43m²

Indian sandstone inc groundworks to remove soil and replace with min 150 base. laid on an aggregate mix not on sand inc cement pointing (polymer pointing £10 sqm extra)

(£121 per m2)

Total priceCymru Wales2023
New patioNatural stone slabs100m²

Removal of old 75m2 patio stones, laying of a further 25m2 of concrete then laying 100 m2 of patio stones (sandstone).


Per m²South West2023
New patioConcrete slabs66m²

Ground levelling, including 66m2 of earth removal, compacted and laid on bed of concrete. Flags included


Per m²South East2023
New patioNatural stone slabs62m²

flagged garden 2-weeks some bad weather all random india stone


Per m²Yorkshire & the Humber2023
New patioWood decking70m²

Decking 70m2


Per m²South East2023
New patioNatural stone slabs20m²

Ground levelled, compacted crusher run and laid on a bed of cement. Pointed. Flags not supplied. All other materials supplied including skips hire.


Per m²North West2023
New patioNatural stone slabs80m²

80 sq mtr removal of old patio and old subase including 6 tons of concrete, laying and wacking 12 tons of infill sloping away from property, laying indian stone on an aggregate mix including a slope finishing off with an epoxy pointing method


Per m²Cymru Wales2023
New patioNatural stone slabs28m²

28 m2 indian sandstone dig out and put in 100mm hardcore and lay paving on 50mm screed mix and point all joints including all materials labour plant hire and waste removal

(£98 per m2)

Total priceSouth West2023
New patioNatural stone slabs40m²

new patio area with retaining wall dig out 800mm deep 40 sqm dig out for foundations for wall/ under pin along side garage no foundations under garage lay 2500 new bricks with pillars up to a height of 1.3 to wall then pillars up to 1.9 high concrete new foundations for garage wall then face off with brick wall //lay concrete base for new patio due to very soft ground // lay 40 sqm of sand stone paving with a sun dial circle pack

(£200 per m2)

Total priceNorth East2023
New patioConcrete slabs25m²

dig out 25m2 lawn to depth of 150mm , fill and level scalping, lay slabs on bed of sand and cement, point with sand and cement . no access to garden so all materials carried by hand down long narrow path

(£96 per m2)

Total priceSouth West2023
New patioNatural stone slabs80m²

Lay granite paving to 80 sq metres

(£29 per m2)

Total priceCymru Wales2023
New patioConcrete slabs29m²

29m2 patio, The area will be excavated and a compacted scalpings base will be installed over a ground stabilising membrane to a depth of at least 125mm. Construct steps to both doors, replace manhole with recessed cover. adjust lawn height to blend.


Per m²South East2023
New patioNatural stone slabs11m²

To lift old patio and dig out to a depth of 125mm. Bring in 75mm of scalpings and compact. Bed down Indian sand stone on 50mm of mortar under complete slab. Point patio.


Per m²London2023
New patioConcrete slabs6m²

dig up the lawn about 2m by 3m estimate, then put down concrete flags down, cost for everything

(£183 per m2)

Total priceNorth West2023
New patioConcrete slabs11m²

Quote to supply and fit 11m2 patio. # To clear site. # To lay and compact hardcore using a heavy duty compactor plate. # To supply and lay riven buff slabs in a random pattern. # All slabs will be laid on a wet sand and cement mortar base. # To remove existing step. # To create a step outside the back door. # All joints will be with a sand and cement mix Installation.

(£177 per m2)

Total priceSouth East2023
New patioNatural stone slabs20m²

Dig out 3 cubic mt of soil put in foundation for retaining wall 60cm high lay sub base and compact build walls from block and brick. then render block and lay 20 square meters random of indian sandstone and point, cap wall with 300×600 sandstone


Per m²Cymru Wales2023
New patioConcrete slabs12m²

12m2 patio, oakham buff pavers, 2 sizes (600×600, 600×300), ground work & materials, ie cement, sand etc


Per m²North East2023
New patioConcrete slabs40m²

DIY patio included removal of material (filled a 6 yrd skip – hire included in price), levelling (1 week wacker plate hire included), laying slabs, pointing and constructing, rendering and painting wall surround (2 coarses 10m long approx). Main supplier of materials Travis Perkin smaller items from B&Q. We had trade discount – 10% from Travis Perkin and our own cement mixer which helped cut down costs


Per m²South East2023

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