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Pet Insurance Costs

How much does it cost to insure your cat or dog?

In the current economic climate many owners either stop paying for pet insurance or reduce their level of cover in order to reduce their premium. Whilst this may be a great way to free up a small amount of cash each month, have you ever considered what you would do if then faced with a huge vets bill?

What does pet insurance cover?

Standard pet insurance usually offers the following benefits:

Vets fees cover – This ranges from £4,000 cover per year for all vets fees right up to £12,000 depending on the level of cover you require and the premium you are prepared to pay.

Theft or straying – Most policies will give you £2,000 should your pet go missing which you can put towards posters and a reward to try and find them.

Additional benefits offered by some companies include:

  • Homeopathic remedies or complementary therapy
  • Vet bills for travel in the EU
  • Holiday cancellation if your pet is ill
  • Third party damage or injury

Why should I take out pet insurance?

If your pet is healthy you might be tempted to give pet insurance a miss. However many medical conditions can strike at any age and usually have major cost implications. Plus with cats there is always the risk of injury through fighting with other cats or worst case if they are hit by a car.

The monthly costs of pet insurance are tiny compared to the cost of many common veterinary conditions and provides peace of mind to the owner as you know that whatever happens, you can afford to treat your pet.

What if my pet is old?

Unfortunately if your cat or dog is over 7 years of age, many insurers will not cover them for illness. However most insurers will still cover your pet in case of an accident or if they are lost or stolen. Some companies will still continue to cover your pet for illness past this age as long as you take out the cover before the pets 7th birthday and continue to pay the premiums.

User submitted insurance costs

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Pet Insurance for a Dog

Petplan covered for life classic+ plan with £7,000 for vet bills every year for a 7 month old Cockapoo. I could have paid a one off annual payment but monthly was 0% apr so didn’t see the point. £12,000 cover was over £37 per month!

£27.10 Per month

East Midlands


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