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Replacement Windows & Doors Cost

How much to install replacement windows and doors?

In this guide we cover the total cost of replacing / installing windows and doors in a home including labour and materials. Any window or door replacement should be carried out by an installer who’s a member of a government authorised Competent Persons Scheme (normally FENSA for windows and doors), this will ensure your windows/doors are installed in compliance with building regulations and installation registered with the local authority. Your old windows will be removed and the replacement windows fitted in place. They should be made to measure and any small gaps filled with expanding foam, with the final window being finished off neatly with trim.

Windows can either be double or triple glazed, that refers to how many sheets of glass there is in their construction, the more sheets the greater the level of thermal efficiency and noise insulation. The frames are commonly constructed out of either aluminium, wood or uPVC.

User submitted prices

Below are prices submitted by other WhatPrice users that have had windows and doors installed or received quotes, to give you a better idea of costs involved. You can also use our Replacement windows calculator to generate ballpark figures for the most common sizes of window installation.

Windows & doors

Job typeQuantityMaterialDescriptionPriceUnitsRegionUpdated
Windows & Doors Replacement3 Windows & 2 External Doors Timber/Wood

Supply and fit 2no Hardwood Double glazed French doors 2400mm x 2100mm each. Supply and fit 3no replacement DG units into existing wooden casement frames.


Total priceEast Midlands2023
Windows & Doors Replacement11 Windows & 1 External Door uPVC

11 sealed double glazed window units (three toughened glass) for standard 1960s semi plus new front door and side panels


Total priceNorth West2023
Windows & Doors Replacement7 Windows & 1 External Door uPVC

Double glazed flush casement windows and sliding patio door.


Total priceEast Midlands2023
Windows & Doors Replacement8 Windows & 2 External Doors uPVC

Semi detached house. All upvc rosewood over white, A rated (Rehau),new bay window, new composite front door, 8 casement windows, 1 upvc back door and window.


Total priceWest Midlands2023
Windows & Doors Replacement6 Windows & 2 External Doors uPVC

Replace 6 double glazed windows, 1 front door with side panel and 1 patio door. All “A” rated windows with 10 year guarantee and FENSA certificate.


Total priceEast of England2023
Windows & Doors Replacement14 Windows & 1 External Door uPVC

Supply & fit double glazed rated white PVC windows. 14 windows ranging from large bay 4500 x 1600 to smallest 550 x 950 and french doors. National company, negotiated down from list price significantly.


Total priceSouth East2023
Windows & Doors Replacement10 Windows & 2 External Doors uPVC

10 Windows & 2 Doors


Total priceCymru Wales2023
Windows & Doors Replacement6 Windows & 2 External Doors uPVC

Replace 2 x doors (front arch), 1 x 3 pane Bay window, 5 x windows. 1 x replace existing misty pane.


Total priceEast Midlands2023
Windows & Doors Replacement6 Windows & 2 External Doors uPVC

6 Windows, 1 x Front Door and 1 x Patio Doors


Total priceScotland2023
Windows & Doors Replacement10 Windows & 2 External Doors uPVC

10 Windows 1 french Door and 1 Back door


Total priceSouth East2023
Windows & Doors Replacement11 Windows & 2 External Doors uPVC

Replace 11 windows and 2 large french doors


Total priceLondon2023
Windows & Doors Replacement1 Window & 1 External Door uPVC

This is the price for a replacement back door including all casement & Sills and one Bathroom window done at the same time.


Total priceSouth West2023
Windows & Doors Replacement6 Windows & 2 External Doors uPVC

1930s terrace house. Replacement of 6 windows including 2 bays plus sliding patio door and porch (door and 2 side full length panels). 90% openers with restrictors where not a fire access point. Got three quotes from local companies, all around same price.


Total priceLondon2023

Windows only

Job typeQuantityMaterialDescriptionPriceUnitsRegionUpdated
Window Replacement8Aluminium

Remove and cart away existing windows and cart away x1 skip. Fit 8 aluminium windows 1750 x 1270.


Total priceLondon2023
Window Replacement3uPVC

2 windows 2400×1200, 1 window 1200×1200, best price of three which included a lot of negotiation


Total priceSouth East2023
Window Replacement1uPVC

supply Rehau UPVc window to bathroom 1800 x 1200 with A rated glass with two openers and fitted


Total priceSouth East2023
Window Replacement1uPVC

replacement large bay window (3 windows in total) with uVPC casement windows bottom and top openings


Total priceSouth East2023
Window Replacement1Timber/Wood

To supply and fit new Double glazed box sash window


Total priceLondon2023
Window Replacement2uPVC

Replace two double glazed wood frame units with new pvc woodgrain finish, both small bathroom and landing windows.


Total priceEast Midlands2023
Window Replacement5Timber/Wood

5 windows, Sash and Case. Replace box and Sashes. £1,180 per window.


Total priceScotland2023
Window Replacement8uPVC

removing old sash windows boxes and installing 8 double glazed white windows (bottom half opens)


Total priceLondon2023
Window Replacement7uPVC

provide and install 7 windows 3 large 4 medium size. 3 tilt and turn and others hopper windows.


Total priceScotland2023
Window Replacement6uPVC

Complete replacement of six windows and brick up part of kitchen window space to reduce size. Old box sashes completely removed – lovely job


Total priceEast Midlands2023
Window Replacement6uPVC

Remove existing windows (two first floor, four ground floor) and replace with uPVC (woodgrain outside, white inside), plus new sills outside and side cheeks on first floor windows.
6 windows in total replaced.


Total priceEast of England2023
Window Replacement4uPVC

2 x 5 pane bay windows UPVC replacing old wooden Bay windows, 2 X standard UPVC windows replacing old wooden frames


Total priceNorth East2023
Window Replacement12uPVC

12 wooden windows


Total priceSouth East2023
Window Replacement4uPVC

4 windows, all ground floor


Total priceLondon2023
Window Replacement6uPVC

6 windows


Total priceNorth East2023

Doors only (internal or external)

Job typeNumber of doorsMaterialDescriptionPriceUnitsRegionUpdated
Door Replacement1 ExternalComposite

Composite ‘Carnoustie’ entrance door with anthracite external colour and white internally.


Total priceEast Midlands2023
Door Replacement1 ExternaluPVC

Fit new upvc french doors with A rated glass


Total priceSouth East2023

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