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How much to replace Velux windows?

Velux windows by their nature take a battering from the weather, generally installed in often inaccessible roofs they can suffer from lack of care and maintenance making them vulnerable to rotting of the wooden frame, resulting in leaks. Poor installation and incorrect specification of flashing kits can also result in premature failing of the surrounding roof and its ability to protect from poor weather.

Fortunately Velux windows are relatively straightforward to replace, they’ve used the same sizes of window since their inception and require just the code from the current skylight to identify exactly which replacement will be a direct fit. You can also opt for more modern and longer lasting frames, such as the polyurethane coated version which involves covering of the wooden core with watertight plastic.

Velux themselves offer a replacement service which involves you taking photos of the current installation, providing the window codes which they can then quote from, or go direct and find a Velux Certified Installer from their website.

A good alternative to Velux skylights are Fakro windows, they are excellent quality but don’t have quite the same installer network that Velux have in the UK.

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Job typeNumber of windowsDescriptionPriceUnitsRegionUpdated
Velux Replacement11

11 polyurethane coated Velux windows replacing old softwood windows which had rotted, 4 of the windows were very large 1340 mm x 1398 mm and had to be fitted with solar powered electric opening and blinds due to height access, these 4 were also triple glazed as they’re in a sunny part of the house to reduce heat build up in summer and due to their size keep the heat retained in winter, they’ve proven to be a lot better than the ones they replaced in both respects. All other other windows fairly small and fitted with manual duo blinds. These were fitted through a Velux approved contractor and came with a 10 year underwritten guarantee. Costly but excellent service all round.


Total priceEast of England2023
Velux Replacement1

Supply and fit velux window 1180 X 1140 including flashing kit. The price does not include vat.


Total priceScotland2023
Velux Replacement3



Labour onlyScotland2023

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