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Driveways Q&A - Driveways... 2017-06-07
Building Regulations Building regulations are prepared and controlled by the Department for Communities and Local Government and are intended to ensure that householders having building work carried out are protected fro... 2011-08-07
Building Quotations Q&A - Issues arising from quotations and building work... 2011-07-24
Roof Costs Q&A - How much for a new roof... 2011-07-24
Brickwork Q&A - Brickwork around the home... 2011-07-24
Extension Costs Q&A - How much does it cost to have an extension or to move some internal brick walls... 2011-07-24
Building Work Q&A - General Building Work Inquires... 2011-07-24
Electrical Questions Q&A - Rewiring and other electrical questions... 2011-07-24
Property Valuations Q&A - How to value a house and land around it... 2011-07-24
Tax Self Build Q&A - Tax questions surrounding owning and improving a property... 2011-07-24
VAT Building Work Q&A - VAT implications on self builds and other building projects... 2011-07-24
Cowboy Builders Q&A - Dealing with problematic builder quotes and contracts... 2011-07-24
Arcitect Fees and Costs Q&A - Getting an architect to do design work for home builds and improvements... 2011-07-24
Heating Installations Q&A - Installing heating systems... 2011-07-24
Rebuilding House Q&A - Knocking down and rebuildig houses... 2011-07-24
Building Land Q&A - New build houses on difficult and complex land... 2011-07-24
Contacted Labour Q&A - Getting contract builders in for a self build home... 2011-07-24
Garden Landscaping Work Q&A - Costs of finishing off the garden on a self build project... 2011-07-24
Self Build Home Costs Q&A - Planning a self build home... 2011-07-24
Concrete Foundations Q&A - Concrete foundations... 2011-07-24
New Home Builds Q&A - New builds and self builds on empty land... 2011-07-24
Building Regulations Q&A - Building regulations and other rules... 2011-07-24
Home Project Management Q&A - Project Management of a New Home Build... 2011-07-24
Floor Area Q&A - Calculating by floor area... 2011-05-21
Self Build Planning Q&A - Planning a self build home... 2011-05-21
Tradesmen Problems Q&A - Problems with tradesmen quotations and work... 2011-05-21
Conservatories Q&A - Conservatories... 2011-05-21
House Survey Q&A - Problems found during house survey... 2011-05-21
Home Conversions Q&A - Converting a home... 2011-05-21
House Extensions Q&A - Getting quotations and having problems with house extensions... 2011-05-21
Plot of Land Q&A - Building on a Plot of land... 2011-05-21
Environmental Costs Q&A - Reducing the carbon footprint of your home... 2011-05-21
House Renovations Q&A - Renovations to a house... 2011-05-21
Home Value Q&A - How to value a house or plot of land... 2011-05-21
Home Improvements Q&A - Home Improvements... 2011-05-21
Windows Q&A - Windows... 2011-05-21
Building Contractors Q&A - Dealing with problematic building contractors... 2011-05-21
Building Materials Q&A - Ownership of left over building materials... 2011-05-21
Quotations and Estimates There is a general misconception that estimates and quotations are different but they are the same in the eyes of the law... 2011-05-21
Question and Answers Your questions answered by the whatprice helpline... 2011-05-02
New Home Planning Q&A - Planning to build a new house, employing an architect... 2011-04-30
Home Building Q&A - Costs, regulations and contract queries on a new home build... 2011-04-30
Sewerage and Drains Q&A - Prices and costs for home sewerage... 2011-04-30
Plastering Q&A - Plastering... 2011-04-30
Self Build Home Q&A - Dealing with a Self Build Home... 2011-04-30
Window Q&A - Window replacement costs and other repair work... 2011-04-30
House Conversions Q&A - Conversion projects such as converting a barn into a house... 2011-04-30
Joiner Costs Q&A - Costs and issues with getting a joiner in... 2011-04-30
Drainage Q&A - How much do plumbing and drainage jobs cost... 2011-04-30
Building Repairs Q&A - Walls, roofing and guttering repair work... 2011-04-30
Improve Selling Q&A - Improvements to a house to help it sell... 2011-04-30
Patio and Landscaping Q&A - Cost of hiring a JCB, building a patio and landscaping the whole garden... 2011-04-30
Utility Bills Q&A - How to reduce the amount you pay for running a house... 2011-04-30


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