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Installing Heating Systems in New Builds and for Home Improvement

Q - We have received a quote for the supply and fixing of under floor heating (ground and first floor) in our new 200 square metre house and plumbing to two bathrooms, cloaks, kitchen and utility room. No sanitary or kitchen fittings are included and we were shocked at the cost of £18,900 plus VAT. Can you advise please on whether this is excessive?

A - For the work you describe should cost about £6,000 for the plumbing and £8,000 for the heating but plumbers are in great demand these days and their prices reflect this. If you have time get some other quotes for a more competitive price.

Q - We have just started work on a four-bedroom two-storey house with garage basement. We plan to use solar energy for the hot water system and wonder whether there are any grants available to help us do this?

A - Yes, there are grants available for solar heating systems. Ring 0800 512 012 for details or go to www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/

Q - We are renovating an old cottage and want to install under floor central heating, using a gas combination boiler. We would appreciate your advice on the costs involved.

A - Current costs for under floor heating are running at between £35 and £45 per square metre but shop around because it is a very competitive market at the moment but the condition of the existing floor could increase this figure.

Q - I am trying to source an LPG storage tank but the only way to get one seems to be by entering into contract to supply the fuel as well. Do you know of any companies who can supply just the tank?

A - If you look in Google for 'LPG storage tanks' you will see confirmation of this. On www.calor.co.uk, the first question in their FAQs is 'Can I buy the gas from a different supplier from the tank vendor?' And the answer is 'No, because the tank belongs to tank supplier and only he is allowed to fill it'. It's probably an HSE requirement so it looks as though you have no choice but to get the gas from the tank supplier.

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"Is a plumber allowed to install additonal radiators to a existing gas central heating system or does it have to be a gas safe engineering."

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