Rebuilding House

Knock Down and Rebuild a House

Q - We are putting in a bid for a plot that has a derelict cottage standing on it. What should it cost to demolish it?

A - I would work on £30 per cubic metre for the demolition costs. This figure could be reduced if you find someone wanting the arisings for filling purposes and reduced even further if there is any value in the roof tiles or other materials.

Q - I own a bungalow and I am considering knocking it down to build a three bedroom and a four bedroom detached houses, 120 and 140 square metres respectively. Could you please give me an idea of the costs involved?

Current house costs are running at between £900 and £1,100 per square metre for a standard specification plus £12,000 per house for drains, paths etc. You should also add about £8 per cubic metre for the demolition of your bungalow.

Q - I have planning permission and building regulations to build a two-storey house on derelict land, size 260m2 in the West Midlands. I have received two quotes of £270k and £225k but I have to supply the kitchen and bathroom fittings, tiling, doors and services that totals about £30k.

A - The ceiling price in this area for houses of this size is £275k - £330k. I own the building plot valued at about £100k. With house prices being uncertain at the moment I am finding it difficult to gauge the building cost and stay below the ceiling price for this area.

The lower quote is £225k (£865m2) and is about right allowing for the work that you will be doing. Adding the quote to your contribution and the notional plot value comes to £355k and that is slightly above the going rate for houses in your area. But if you are going to live in the house yourself, this factor is not important and would only be a factor if you were selling the house for profit.

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