Woolwich reveals the nation is dropping DIY for DFY (Done For You)

As we enter the peak season for home improvements, Brits have revealed that their love affair with DIY may finally be beginning to wane, according to new research from Woolwich mortgages. Almost half the people surveyed, admitted they don't actually like DIY and an overwhelming 75 per cent said they are fed-up with watching makeover/DIY programmes.

The main reasons listed by the Woolwich mortgages mortgages research for the lack of enthusiasm with DIY is not having the time (40 per cent), likely to botch it (37 per cent) and 22 per cent believing it's a chore that eats into leisure time.

Instead, seven in 10 of the nation's homeowners would rather get somebody in, or at least consider it before undertaking any DIY, with tiling, painting and decorating making the top 10 list of jobs where people feel they should employ an expert:

Jobs to be ‘Done For You' Rather than DIY

  1. Electrics (65 per cent)
  2. Plumbing (63 per cent)
  3. Extension (59 per cent)
  4. Installing a new kitchen and bathroom (58 per cent)
  5. Carpeting (53 per cent)
  6. Tiling or flooring (48 per cent)
  7. Replacing a fire (47 per cent)
  8. Landscaping the garden (43 per cent)
  9. Putting up sheds (38 per cent)
  10. Painting and decorating (35 per cent)

The research also looked at the percentage of DIY tasks which go unfinished and revealed that a fifth of painting and decorating jobs don't get completed, followed by landscaping the garden at 14 per cent.

Andy Gray, head of mortgages for Woolwich said: "It seems that the phrase 'time is money' applies to the UK's new DFYers. People think their own time is precious and with the added concern that they are not going to do a good job, people are increasingly turning to experts to get the job done.

"Home improvements can make a tangible difference to the value of peoples homes, but a bad standard of work can drag the price down. Savvy buyers can often see through botched DIY jobs, meaning that sellers will either need to drop the price or employ an expert to re-do the task."

"In order to get the home improvements done properly people are increasingly looking to use their mortgage to fund them. With competition so high in the market place we are often able to reduce customers outgoings considerably on a monthly basis by remortgaging, which will help them afford to get the home improvement experts in."

In order to help customers with funding for home improvements Woolwich has a lifetime tracker mortgage, guaranteed to stay 0.29 per cent above the Bank of England Base Rate (current rate of 5.54 per cent) for life, with no arrangement and no redemption penalties. Customers can find out more by contacting their local Barclays or Woolwich branch, visiting the Woolwich website or by telephoning 0845 070 5090.

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