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Decorating A Child's Room

by: Carmen Natschke

Home decorating your child's room should be fun and exciting for all involved. The most important thing to remember when planning or decorating your child's room is to keep the decor age appropriate. You wouldn't want to decorate your 3 year old daughter's room in the same style as your 13 year old daughter's room. That doesn't mean you have to start decorating all over every few years. What it means is that you should strive to create a room that will grow with your little girl /little boy but is age appropriate. Some helpful tips follow.

Colours for your Child's Room

Get a feel for what room colors your child likes. If they are fairly young show them a box of crayons and let them pick out their favorite colors. Use those colors as inspiration for the child's room decor. The older child or children can easily tell you what colors they prefer to have their room decorated in.

Don't force your style or color likes and dislikes on your children. Despite their young age they are developing their personality's and their rooms are an extension of it. (Of course if they insist on all black walls and Marilyn Manson posters, it's reasonable to say No). The lesson here is to set limits but also to give your child room to create their special place in the home.

Decorate your child's room with imagination

Use your imagination (ask your child for input) when painting your child's room. The wall treatments can range from applying a calming and soothing neutral wall color to creating fantastic murals that bring your child's dreams to life. I highly recommend Debbie Travis' Painting book for children's rooms if you want unique and interesting paint ideas. Decoupage is another form of decorative finishes that you can use to create a truly unique and magical child's room.

Furniture for your child's room

Furniture themes for your child's room can be: whimsical with butterflies and bees, elegant a la French country style, romantic like a princess inspired theme complete with a half crown above the bed, heroic like a firefighter inspired theme for a boy's room with a fire engine truck for a bunkbed, a charming rustic lodge style complete with log cabin headboard and so many others! You can buy many of these themed furniture pieces or you can create some of them yourself.

About The Author

Carmen Natschke is a designer, speaker and co-founder of Room In A Kit LLC. She is passionate about decorating and has shared that passionwith hundreds of women through her Decorating Divas workshops and seminars. To read more decorating articles by Carmen visit (

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