Loft Interior Design

Decorating Your Loft Apartment

Look in any urban or downtown area, and you'll find amazing residential loft spaces. Loft apartments are usually located in renovated factories, warehouses, or other commercial structures which appeal to those who love open living spaces and industrial details. Many people are choosing lofts as they move into urban areas to avoid lengthy commutes and to enjoy rejuvenated downtown neighborhoods. No matter where you live, you can incorporate urban design style into your home with a little loft space planning. Here are some ideas for decorating a modern loft.

Loft Living Basics

Downtown loft interior designs are characterized by architectural details like exposed brick, vintage wood floors, and support columns. Tall open ceilings often leave ductwork, beams, rafters, or pipes on view for an industrial edge. Most loft spaces also feature sizeable windows with views of sprawling cityscapes. These large panes of glass are often left bare or sometimes dressed with sheer fabric panels, shutters, or blinds. Because of their industrial vibe, modern loft interiors are frequently decorated in a sleek modern or contemporary style with the occasional rustic touch. When decorating a modern loft, you'll see the urban design style which often combines wood, stone, glass, and stainless steel with natural elements like plants to soften the metropolitan feel. Loft space planning uses color schemes that tend toward neutrals like white, brown, cream, or taupe. Many modern loft interiors can also benefit from accent walls or furniture in warm hues like red, orange, gold, or sage. Since the modern loft interior is open in concept, it is ideal to use a cohesive color palette all through the space. Loft ceilings are often painted in a dark color to visually lower the ceiling and camouflage the exposed elements. Crown molding can be added to create a dropped ceiling line. Some loft interior designs make use of highlighting ductwork or pipes by painting them with a bold accent color. The expansive walls of modern loft interiors allow for the display of large artwork, sculptures, or murals. Lighting needs to be accessible and plentiful in downtown loft interior designs. For a more intimate setting in a space with high ceilings, hang pendants or chandeliers lower in the rooms.

Loft Space Planning

Modern loft interior design should create a functional and comfortable floor plan with spaces for relaxation, entertaining, storage, and working. These different loft living areas can then be defined with room dividers, rugs, or furniture. Room division can take the form of sliding or folding screens, frosted glass panels, Japanese shojis, or fabric panels on ceiling tracks. Raised platforms are another way to establish a subtle transition for the loft bedroom or dining area. Downtown loft design regularly features rustic wood or concrete floors which are both durable and versatile. Area rugs can help delineate living areas while also adding color, texture, and softness. Furniture groupings are one way to instill comfort and coziness into urban design style. Sofas and chairs are commonly upholstered in natural fabrics like cotton, wool, linen, or leather. Popular fabric choices include tone-on-tone neutral textures and woven designs. Another nice touch in decorating a modern loft is to integrate double-duty furniture pieces such as an ottoman that is a coffee table and extra seating. The addition of casters to chairs or other furniture pieces will increase their flexibility when entertaining or working. Open downtown loft designs will require the creation of enclosed storage areas. This is especially crucial in the loft bedroom or kitchen where there is a need for closet, pantry, and cabinet space.


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