Loft Decoration

Renovating and Decorating a Loft

Loft living has become very popular. More young couples are gravitating towards loft living and in line with this, are looking to buy or lease houses with lofts.  Living in a house with a loft or living in a multi-room loft is the coolest thing for young and starting couples.  Outdated but structurally sound lofts are not a problem for these "loft-hunters" as they could always renovate and decorate the outdated lofts to their liking.

Older couples with grown up kids might also be in the mood for loft renovations and decorating. With the kids gone and living on their own, old married couples are now facing a new lifestyle and the old loft playroom just has to go.

Today, lofts have become a symbol of urban living. Living in a loft has become as hip as having a roof garden or using solar power.

When faced with a loft renovating project, decide which part you want to revamp.  Do you want to just do some minor renovation like changing the colour of the wall or changing the crack tiles in the bathroom? Do you want to do some quick decorating by replacing the lumpy furniture with sleek modern ones or by opting to change from curtains to roman blinds for the dormer windows?  You might be on a roll and decide to replace the loft ladder with circular stairs or change all the fixtures in the loft bathroom and throw out all remnants of the 20th century. Whatever it is you want to do to give your loft a face-lift here are some tips that you could consider.

Dealing with space.  Walk around the loft and decide what you want changed and where you want things to be. Lofts are not very large and having more floor space is essential if you plan to live in the loft.  Use space wisely. Do away with bulky furniture and gadgets that clutter. Storage is usually a problem with loft living but using the nooks and crannies of the loft by putting up shelves everywhere possible would surely help. You can buy plastic containers or bins with cover that you can stylishly put under the bed, tables and chairs for storage too. 

Loft Stairs and Doors and Windows

If the only access to the loft is by means of a dangling pull down ladder, consider constructing a new staircase. You can choose to put up a spiral staircase or a regular box stairs. If you plan to change the staircase, make sure you consult with the local building official for the requirements.

For doors, it would be better to do away with the if possible more so if you want to convert the loft into one big liveable space. For the bathroom opt for a retractable door as it takes less space when opened. This option is very convenient for tight and narrow hallways. Remember that you are renovating and that means that you are trying to improve your loft.

Consider changing window size if there is too much or too little light.  It would do you good to conceptualize the whole renovating and decorating process.  Don't worry about the how to's as the contractor will do that for you.

Loft Furniture

Loft Decorating Style

When decorating a loft, there is no wrong way to do it. Well, except for using dark wood panelling and tacky little accessories.  It is best to decorate your loft with simple, modern, clean lines, subtle or bold colours furniture. Heavy and intricately carved wooden furniture may still look great in very formal settings, but for loft living, the simple the furnishings, the better.

What are the styles to consider then? You can choose Contemporary, Country, Modern Minimalist, Shabby Chic or even Eclectic.  All these styles are modern and simple. You can even go all black and white with a touch of chrome and glass.  You can go Zen or Oriental and go for bamboo accents or furniture.

Choose the right colour motif and combination for your loft. If the loft is dark and dank, a bright splash of colour would do nice. If you plan to add a lot of assorted colours to your furniture and accessories then it's best to go a little neutral on the walls and trimmings. If the loft has high ceiling and tall windows, take out some furniture to emphasize the architectural value of the loft.

The home decorations and accessories that you use should go well with the furniture that you use. Even if you go eclectic, all the elements of the loft should still complement each other in a way. Your sofa might be of a sleek and contemporary style while your armchair could be country but if the colours of the two different styles go together then the design concept is still intact and workable.

Loft Accessories

Light lamps, area rugs, wall pictures and hangings, curtains, throw pillows and other knick knacks accent the loft. Books artfully arranged in a corner, different sized books stacked high between seats are accents by themselves.  Make sure each accessory complements each other and that they bring a sense of warn personal touch to your loft.