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Teak Furniture - How it is Different From Other Wood Furniture

Everyone knows that teak furniture is likely to be expensive. So some homeowners write off buying home pieces that are make from this wood even before they start looking. This is unfortunate because there are ways to buy at lower prices. But before exploring that, let's first take a look at why teak furniture tend to command a higher price.

If you have ever bought wood furniture, you know that you either buy products that are made from softwood or hardwood. Wood belonging to each category share similar characteristics. For example, you can expect softwood to be easier to work with, but they damage easily. Hence, they are not as durable as hardwood. Many modern furniture is made from such materials. Hardwood, on the other hand, is much more durable. But they are harder to work with. These characteristics make them ideal for more conventional and simplistic designs, and products made from such wood are expected to last for many years.

However, both softwood and hardwood share a common weakness - they tend to be easily damaged when exposed to moisture. Moisture is like an invisible killer. Many homeowners are not even aware of the humidity levels in (or outside) their homes. So they leave expensive wood furniture out there, only to find that the interiors start to rot away after a couple of years. Therefore, if the furniture is meant for an area with high humidity levels, precautions must be taken to protect the materials. For example, the outer protective film must be replaced with another new layer every year or so.

Here is where nature works its magic. Teak, unlike all the other woods, produce it's very own protective film of oil. This is a unique characteristic of teak. The oil helps to protect the wood naturally. In addition, teak is easier to work with compared with the other hardwoods. For these reasons, you often see teak being used as decorative items in outdoor settings. They even come in elaborate designs because they behave well under the carving knife and chisel.

Teak Furniture in Your Home

If you are considering refurnishing your home, remember to add teak furniture to your shopping list. But note that the price of most home items are influenced by 2 factors - building materials, workmanship and brand. If you choose teak to be your primary material, be prepared to pay slightly more. Also, furniture with rare or complex tends to cost more as well. This is because more labor is required to produce the furniture. And exclusivity always cost more.

However, there are ways that you can get your hands of premium quality teak furniture without having to pay outrageous prices. For example, try buying from furniture wholesalers if you are looking at refurnishing an entire house. The more you buy, the more discounts you receive. Try to source for wholesalers in countries that have the ability to employ cheaper labor. Lower cost of production means part of that savings could be passed on to you, the customer.


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