Home Improvement Ideas for the Winter Months

Redesign your house this winter


Sometimes, in the winter, it seems like our home improvement projects come to a standstill and have to be pushed off until summer.  But, there are many projects that you can do in the winter that will keep you busy, help you make your house look that much better, and let you get the improvements done that you want to without waiting for the snow to melt.  Sure, you aren't going to be outside in January painting the outside of the house or working on the landscaping, but there are other things that you can do on the interior that will make the winter go by much quicker.

The Bathroom

One of the best winter home improvement projects is a bathroom remodel; this can be done relatively quickly and easily. It is even better if you have a separate bathroom, because you can shut one down while you remodel it and just use the other one.  You will be able to do a lot of work on your bathroom in the winter, you can replace the tiles, replace the tub or get it relined and you can give the room a fresh coat of paint.  Most of these ideas are simple to do.  Even simpler, you can add a lot to your bathroom simply by replacing the medicine cabinets, just be sure that you measure them so that you know exactly what size you need to get when you head out to purchase the new cabinets.  Changing fixtures are also a great idea, jazz up your bathroom with a new showerhead, new sink faucet handles and new hardware on the cabinets.  Last, but not least, make sure you give it a fresh coat of paint, if you are having a dark and dreary winter, it will really brighten everything up a lot.

The Basement 

If you have a basement, this is a great time to work on that.  If it is unfinished, there is a lot of work that you can do towards refinishing it and getting it ready to be more of a useable space.  Look into ways that you can separate out areas either with a false wall or by building in a wall, look at ceiling tiles, and maybe even finishing the floors.  Most floors have concrete in the basement, what you can do is lay a floor over that.  A great idea is to use hardwood floors or a laminate flooring that will go over the top of the concrete well.  For these flooring options, a lot of them actually have clip together flooring so you don't even have to drill holes or set it, which saves you a lot of time since concrete isn't exactly the most forgiving of materials.  You can add in rooms if you need to, if you want to add in a bathroom, do your plumbing in the winter, you generally will have a place for a bathroom set up if you planned your basement properly, so all that you will have to do is work on installing and getting the rest of the indoor piping done.  Basements are great areas to work on in the winter because they aren't generally a space where everyone is in, so you can work on it and not be in the way of anyone else.

The Kitchen

There are little things that you can also do in your kitchen.  Although you probably don't want to do a complete kitchen remodel in the winter, try doing little things.  You can tile your backsplash by your sink; you can replace cabinets and hardware.  You can even switch out flooring if you want too.  The clip together flooring is probably a great option for this because it won't take up a lot of time and it will come together quickly so your kitchen won't actually be out of commission.  You can do things like install a new dishwasher which can be done in a day, or put in a new garbage disposal.  All of these things are quick and easy ways to bring your kitchen to life in the middle of the winter.

Remodeling doesn't have to stop simply because there is snow on the ground; it just means that you need to find projects that are suitable for the winter.  There are all kinds of great options out there for winter remodeling projects, start with them one at a time and you'll be happy that you can take a break in the summer instead of trying to remodel all summer long.