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The cost of Dental car in the UK is a big issue and is one of our more popular topics. We have over the years gathered a lot of information on dental prices and more recently on where NHS and Private dentists are located.

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The following table gives some example average prices.

Dental Procedure Costs: Disclaimer
Description of dental treatment Average Price Units
X-ray £18 NHS
Braces £1553 Private
Sedated tooth removal £49 NHS
Bridge £809 Private
Small tooth filling £49 NHS
First Consultation £18 NHS
Dental Crown £214 NHS
Apiectomy £214 NHS

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Dentist Articles: Disclaimer
Maintitle About the article Date
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Dental Crowns - Provides Form and Function Dental Crowns are as the name indicates a protective capping on the tooth that will help prevent breakage of the tooth and restore functionality of the tooth structure.... 2011-04-29
Tooth Erosion Tooth Erosion is the loss of tooth structure caused due to the presence of acids in the food or drinks that we consume. ... 2011-04-29
Apicectomy Apicectomy is a surgical procedure where the dentist will reach out to the infected area around the root tips and will clear out any infection present in that area and will also correct any changes th... 2011-04-29
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Dentures If you have been thinking about getting dentures the first thing that you should do is talk to your dentist. He will be able to assess your situation and help you to decide whether or not dentures are... 2009-05-07
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Dental Bridges Dental bridges are made to fill in an area in the mouth where a tooth is missing. There are a few different types of bridges to choose from. These include Maryland bridges, fixed bridges also known as... 2009-04-15
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Dental Crowns A dental crown is used in situations where the structural integrity of a tooth has been weakened. This is frequently as a result of extensive decay, the need for a large filling, or accidental damage.... 2007-10-07
Braces Braces are used to straighten teeth, in cases where the patient's teeth are misaligned. This treatment is necessary for cosmetic reasons, since teeth which are out of position can look unattractive, b... 2007-10-04
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Dental Insurance Dentists are quitting the NHS in droves. This means that many of us will be forced to buy dental insurance. This article outlines your options. ... 2006-02-17

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"Interesting comments guys, especially the one about what some dentist in Scotland do, scary... I was always skeptical about NHS dentists because of my previous experiences. I currently signed up for a new private dentist in my hometown (Synergy Clinic) and guess what? They are actually cheaper than NHS! I would never expect that this can be the case. With the current state of state funded dentistry I think that might be the way forward. "


"Choosing a Clinical Dental Technician to make you new dentures in the UK. For patients wishing to have new dentures made and fitted by the same practitioner, you can now visit a Clinical dental technician. This new class of dental professional are legally allowed to compete with Dentists to prvide you with new dentures. Clinical Dental Technicians are however restricted in offering NHS dentures/Services, by protectionist policies in the UK. If you would like to have your next set of dentures or false teeth made by a clinical dental technician, check that they are registered with the General dental council to practise."


"Reading these responses from \'hard up dentists\' working on the NHS, you would think only Dentists undertake dental work for patients, thats very very missleading, theres an army of dental professionals, including dental nurses, dental technicains, Clinical dental technicians, dental therapists and dental hygienists and orthodontic therpapists, who undertake and treat dental patients, they are conveniently forgotten by the profession, often but screwed by our team leader, into working for ridiculously low wages and in the case of many dental technicians very long hours, it\'s high time NHS dentistry was opened up to all dental professionals and allow the market to set prices and quality, not some jumped up university graduate that opts to practise \'privately\' after 18 months in the job...."


"As a dentist who has just taken over an NHS practice, I have to sound a note of caution who thinks that NHS is good value. At present, in Scotland, the NHS fees mean that unscrupulous dentists can play the system and earn far more than many honest dentists, by using practices which are a little bit suspect. For example, the dentist I took over from made far more money recementing crowns that had come out than by doing the work properly in the first place. It is also possible to place buccal composite fillings (at the neck of teeth) extremely quickly, often 5 or 6 in a 20 minute appointment, resulting in a payment of £90, which is a far higher rate than most private dentists charge. However, these are often not needed, and while they generally don\'t do any harm, they fail frequently, and it is often questionable as to the need for them - note that they sometimes are necessary. No problem though, as long as it is within 6 months ( as it frequently is) the NHS cover the full cost, and not the dentist who palced them. Another example is occlusal fillings - currently paying £8 here, which barely covers the materials cost. It takes 5-10 minutes to do this, but there also is the time it takes to clean the unit, disinfect everything, get the patient numb etc. So, most likely a 15 minute appointment if you\'re being truthful. The dentist I took over from didn\'t bother, he just placed fissure sealants over the top of occlusal decay and got paid more. 5 minute appointment instead, totally unethical work, but that\'s the way the system rewards greedy and dishonest dentists. The fact is that because of the dishonest dentists, it is nigh on impossible to make a living as an honest dentist within the NHS. The sensible thing to do is convert, and I fully intend to do so as soon as my patients have stable teeth and not the train wreck that I have inherited as a result of the NHS incentivising poor work. The Dental Reference Service aren\'t much better, they view their work as guardians of the nations pursestrings rather than as protecting the public from dishonest dentists. As a result people who do actually do the work end up having their work watched more carefully and scrutinised more than the dishonest people. The NHS is killing dentistry in the UK. Most dentists are honest and kind people, but the systme makes them only think about money and working to meet targets etc rather than trying to do the best work for their patients. It\'s time to abandon the system and start from scratch. Let dentists live and die by their reputation, and make them more accountable for their work."

Guy Incognito

"I have just been quoted £550 for a root canal and £600 for a crown??? He said I had to get a specialist to do my canal because it was so long an spindly?? does this sound right? "


"I would like to reply to 'Steve' the dental technician, how are you able to stereotype 'the dentist' as crooks? Firstly dentistry is a commitment to act in the best interest of the patient, and most dentists do that... but that does not mean 'do it for free'!
Dentistry Takes 5 years to complete at university after which you are burdeoned with a massive debt to pay, and you risk ending your career every time you unsheath a needle with the possibilty of contracting a infectious diseases. There are now in the new contract numberous targets to meet and if you do not you are financially penalised further, making it impossible to run a business and be a dentist. Thats right Dentists not only have to do the dentistry but also run a business, that inclused paying staff wages, overheads and materials!
Dental materials are also ridiculously over priced! Everyone likes to moan,... but let me tell you I have been graduated for 4 months and have been working as an full NHS dentist and its made me almost not want to be a dentist anylonger, patients complain of no NHS dentistry however when you give them an appointment a vast majority turn up late, the remaining do not turn up and a select few remember to call 10mins after their appointment time to let you know they cannot attent!
Well if this were any business it should be bancrupt in no time! Most dentists actually do their damn hardest to help people, that is the reason I went into dentistry but please the American system seems much more attractive to me, because people pay insurance and then dont give you the grief of justifying your prices.
I dont suppose you go to homebase and question their whole business policy and why their wood is slightly more expensive that in B&Q... do you?
"A slightly disgruntled Dentist""

A young Dentist

"I read here From Dentists and patients pros and cons. My experience is this ,I came out of the army with excellent teeth 15 years ago since then it took me 4 years to get adentist on the NHS and since being with NHS dentist have had no end of problems .
The first dentist did all my teeth totaling well over £1000. 6 months later all she did went yellowy orange and I was told there was a problem with the filling material and to go back.
When I tried the practice had been taken over and the dentist concerned had been asked to leave !. Re qouted another £1000+ Couldnt afford it.
Found another NHS dentist and had everything put right bit cheaper, but now all that he has done is breaking up. Dosent give you much faith in british dentistry.
Went to America to visit friends, tooth broke in half, went to their dentish and was asked if the dentists and students of that practice could come and look at my teeth much to all there amusment and THIS IS BRITISH DENTISTRY. Outcome of the visit cheaper than here!!! and while the tooth is still in place 2 other teeth done by a local dentist(one a front tooth) have fallen to bits. I do not have much faith in our dentists "


"Henry, Yes I understand your point and this is one ofthe problems with statistics in that they can be misleading as to the, ahem, 'root' cause of the change. "


"After doing a 4 year degree course in Dental Technology and working in the profession for many years specialising in denture work, my opinion of dentists and there ethics is very low. Not all dentists of course but unfortunately in my experience the majority I have worked with are interested only in the money and as the average patient knows little or nothing about treatment options, they never ask the right questions. When dentures are needed, a dentist will take your impression and send it to a dental laboratory where it is made, returned to the dentist and he simply puts it in your mouth and charges you anywhere from £700 to £2000 if private. A laboratory will charge the dentist up to £300 for a private denture or between £50-£100 for an NHS denture. What has shocked me most over the years is how often patients paying top prices for private dentures are instead given the cheapest set available to the dentist and patients are none the wiser. My advice is never have expensive dental treatment without getting a second and even third opinion and question your dentist where his dentures come from. You would be suprised how many dentists now send their impressions to China, India and even Cambodia where their greatest cost is simply postage in which case whatever is going into your mouth does'nt pass any of the health and safety standards or quality checks required here and frankly can be potentially dangerous with none of the savings passed on to the patient. "


"As a dentist who has worked and committed himself to general NHS practice primarily for 35 years I would like to question your assumptions. When we were in the NHS, before the new contract came in in April 2006, I offered everything that was available on the NHS. I avoided letting the cost influenced by promotion. Having come out of the NHS, I am now doing the routine fillings privately. So now both examination and scaling and routine fillings are carried out privately. Therefore the cost of treatment is reducing because I am do more cheaper item is on the private system and nothing on the NHS. Please would you let me know if you understand my point my e-mail address is not available because I do not necessarily trust your website. Sorry!"

Henry Fardell

"As a dentist, I smile when comments are made that dentists all charge differing prices for their services. If ever dentist charged the same fees, we would be accused of price fixing! No-one accuses car makers of having different prices. If we go to buy a quality brand of car, we know it will be priced more highly than lower quality cars. But the low quality car will still get you from A to B, and have a solid warranty. There are other factors which influence people's choice apart from price. And dentistry is a very personal service, some patients also want to know and like their dentist. Trust is paramount. "

Dentist in Manchester

"You have to remember the ever increasing costs the dentist has to meet. It's not usually a good idea to go for the cheapest option if you want the best service."

M lindsay