Private Dentist Charges

The cost of private dental treatment in the UK

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The table below shows the range and average prices we've had giving typical prices charged by private dentists in the UK. We have also compared private dentists to NHS dentists. You may also be interested in our NHS Dentist data

Note that private dentist prices and charges can vary widely, and just because a private dentist 's price is high doesn't necassarily mean you are being ripped off, you might well be getting very high quality dental work. Like wise a very cheap dentist may still be providing high quality private dental care, but at a lower price. Preventative dentistry is better than cure, both in terms of how hard it hits your wallet and how much it hurts! Ideally you should visit your dentist every 6-12 months for a check up.


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Dental Work RequiredPrivate Prices
Cancellation fee£32
Dental Crown-Composite£396
Dental Crown-Gold£419
Dental Crown-Porcelain£390
Dental Examination£42
First Consultation£53
Hygiene Clean£60
Large Tooth Filling-Non-white£101
Large Tooth Filling-White£113
Root canal£383
Sedated tooth removal £145
Small tooth filling-Non-white£76
Small tooth filling-White£79
Tooth Extraction£101
Tooth Scale and Polish£45
Wisdom tooth extraction£179

The cost of dental work depends upon the circumstances and specifics of the job entailed. Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly how much, for example, a new bridge should cost. The prices above are guidelines only. Just because an actual price is slightly more or less doesn't mean you are getting 'ripped off'. Note also that some dental work is subjective. One dentist may recommend a new bridge whilst another may suggest you'll be better off without one. If in doubt get a second opinion - if possible.

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"I really appreciated seeing this information, having been quoted 5,000 pounds for 4 crowns - can you begin to imagine how I felt ?! I didn't go back and he had been my dentist for more than 10 years - I am currently looking for a new Dentist."

Shena Watts

"You suggest getting a second opinion - I've tried to do this but have been told it's not possible. How can I arrange to get a second opinion?"

David S

"hi i have one false tooth on the front on the top on a plate. an i want to get much will this cost me ? I'm from the south..heard it will be cheaper up north ??"


"I recently wanted to signup for Denplan so found a dentist near to my work and made an appointment to go along, explained what I wanted to do and that i also wanted some other work (whitening, veneering etc) so we took some xrays and then he took some moulds of my teeth. I was then presented with a bill for £345! £250 for the moulds and £95 for the consultation that I believed to be free. After this I emailed as I still havent been put onto the denplan and have been told that my cleaning and extraction will not be covered? Is this normal. Im a little concerned im being kept in the dark, and although have still not received detailed costs i am being told they will be presented to me on my next visit? Normal? "

V - Kensington

"today, simple bottom right hand tooth extraction, £100, chair time 20 minutes "

Ivon Scott

"Thank you Tony, At different dentists I have experienced various levels of examination. With some it was no or not much longer than a normal check-up whilst others insist on giving you x-rays and spend a lot longer. Obviously the cost will vary considerably. However, given the average price we have I would suggest most fall into the former category."


"I have a first consultation next week and it will cost £150. However, the exam will last over an hour and x-rays are included."


"That seems a lot but what did you have done? Did it include multiple x-rays, a thorough examination and scrape and polish? Where abouts in the country are you? You can see that the current average is under £50 which is about right (normal check up plus some admin fee's and maybe x-ray). Some people probably think £50 is too much as well!"


"I have just had a first consultation with a dentist on a private basis his cost being £140 how is it that you can have a first consultation fee of £45. "


"can anyone tell me when it was exactly that the provision of oral health care was privatised? NHS pa!! It simply does not exist any longer in this sector!!"

Don in the mouth

"It seems to me that we all want our "full pie"! Patients as well as dentists. The patient is charged an amount for the work done. The dentist is charged AND obliged to perform quality work. Whilst the dentist has no doubt about the quality of the “money”, how can the patient have no doubt that the dentist performed quality diagnosis and work ? Get a second opinion? There is no need for the dentist to ask another bank if the money is real and acceptable ! so why the patient need to ?? Anyway, for the interest of many, I walked into a dental practice just outside Madrid. Overall, exellent service despite language problems. Prices for the work to be done: Small filling 34 euro Large filling 48 euro Implant 450 euro Don’t ask me further details but it seems much cheaper than UK. Oh I forgot !! Life is more expensive in UK. Especially when an extra visit to the dentist is required to pay for the lack of quality in the first place !!! "


"I would like to know if the amount I have paid to have my son's tooth extracted is fair. Without goig private my son would have had to suffer until April when this could be done on the NHS. My son works full time and pays his National Insurance but a three month wait on the NHS for an appointment for a tooth extraction while riding in agony is ridiculious so his parents have had to dig into their saving and fork out £400. Can you please advise me to whether this charge is correct or am I being conned? "

Dorothy Roberts

"A useful site, with admitted limitations. No comment since November 2007. Perhaps the last subscriber has frightened everyone away. What a pity he did not have the courage to identify himself as a dentist."

David Parker

"does no one value their oral health? do people really value that part of their body so little? why does it cause outrage to have to pay a medical professional (who has had 5yrs of intensive training at university)for their time, expertise and cost of materials to help restore function and appearance of their mouth and making sure they are disease free? many treatments take time and cost a lot of money. for too long people have been used to paying lower fees as most of the work was funded by the nhs. clearly the nhs doesn't have a bottomless pot of money and the powers that be have decided (rightly or wrongly) that other diseases have higher priority and so far less money is available for subsidising the cost of dental treatments! of course politicians and civil servants/managers in the nhs wouldn't be doing their job well if they didn't try and direct the frustrations of patients onto someone else; namely the dentist! by telling patients that all treatments required to achieve and maintain oral health are available on the nhs and then not paying the dentists an adequate or appropriate fee for this work, they are tying the hands of the dentists. but then should this lowly, conniving behaviour really shock anyone? there are a number of treatments that will in fact lose the dentist money if offered on the nhs! pay a (good) dentist for his or her skills and knowledge and you will probably be getting good value for money; you get what you pay for... but then again, if you don't think that teeth, as part of your body, are worth the time or effort you might as well go the shed, find the pliers and do it yourself and stop whinging!"


"Thanks Bill, The prices displayed are purely based on user submissions, i.e. they represent what people have said they have paid for a particular job. However, we are constantly adding to the site and in the future we are looking to provide more detail and granularity about what each price encompasses. In this instance we have started including a price per tooth, rather than per procedure. We are also rolling out descriptive pages that explain in detail each price category and why there may (or may not) be large variations. This site is really not about knocking people earning a decent living, we just give people information and pricing to better understand when they are or aren't being ripped off. We would like to see more professionals work with us to better educate the public at large and avoid those rogue traders."


"the prices make no sense as a bridge can vary from 400 to 4000 depending on the number of teeth being replaced. i think simplistic sites like this do nothing to promote dentists who are in the majority of cases trying to do the best for their patients. the true reality is no one likes to pay for their dentistry. if you went to the hospital for a chest xray and they charged 100 pound, you would start complaining about that. "