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This page contains links to pages that give cost estimates and advice for all kinds of electrician work. Visit our Electrician Charges page for more detailed prices and information.

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The following table gives some of the electrician prices that our visitors have recently submitted. Please click on the prices to get more details.

Electrician Costs: Disclaimer
category1 category2 Average Price Units
Add item Complex £430 item/job
Earth bonding   £231 item/job
Loft conversion   £1260 private
Full rewire 3 bed house £2405 item/job
Consumer unit Install £359 item/job
Repair   £498 item/job
Wiring Kitchen £462 item/job
Full rewire 3-bed house £2703 item/job
Wiring Exterior £150 item/job
Full rewire 2-bed flat £2567 item/job

Please feel free to browse some of our most recent articles on electrician topics.

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The following pages allow you to find out more about electricians. There are several schemes that allow you to search for 'certified' electricians

The NICEIC has lists of approved contractors which can be searched

NAPIT is another one and their search facility for electrician is here

ELECSA are owned by ECA and their search facility is here

In Scotland one can use Select with their search facility here.

If you know of more electrician associations that should be added then please contact us

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