Electrician Prices

How much should an electrician cost?

Call-out and per hour electrician charges as well as specific jobs to be performed, such as new fuse box and lighting installation. Aims to include as many examples of different wiring jobs as possible, along with the cost and perhaps time to complete these jobs. Please visit our quotation pages in order to get a quote for electrician jobs.

On the left hand side of the table you can see a series of links. These will take you to pages within the WhatPrice site that give more specific detail on electrician prices. The prices listed on the right hand side are averages from WhatPrice visitor feedback and personal experience and research.

If you find this page useful please have a look at the form below and see if you can contribute any prices from your own experience and help others pay the right price.

Electrician Prices: Disclaimer
General description Specific description Average Price Units Last Updated
Add item   £117 per item/job 2012-11-28
Add item   £500 per private 2015-02-28
Add item Complex £430 per item/job 2013-05-12
Add item Fused Spur £51 per item/job 2012-08-23
Add item New socket £127 per item/job 2014-01-26
Add item New socket £73 per private 2015-04-30
Add item Smoke Detector £175 per private 2013-03-18
Adding new socket   £169 per item/job 2015-07-03
Bathroom   £179 per item/job 2015-06-05
Bathroom   £235 per private 2015-05-15
Bathroom Rewire £268 per item/job 2011-06-05
Bathroom Rewire £495 per private 2015-05-29
Bathroom Shower £273 per item/job 2015-07-02
Call-out fee   £53 per item/job 2015-08-16
Central heating   £821 per item/job 2011-11-25
Central heating   £1500 per private 2013-03-27
Central heating Wiring Circuits £255 per item/job 2015-07-22
Connect mains supply   £380 per item/job 2014-04-18
Consumer unit   £337 per item/job 2015-07-26
Consumer unit   £305 per private 2013-11-02
Consumer unit Fitting Only £317 per item/job 2015-05-03
Consumer unit Fitting only £321 per private 2014-08-21
Consumer unit Install £356 per item/job 2015-07-11
Consumer unit Install £391 per private 2015-08-08
Consumer unit Repair £211 per item/job 2012-08-05
Earth bonding   £236 per item/job 2015-05-23
Earth bonding   £100 per private 2013-03-27
External wiring   £561 per private 2015-05-03
Full rewire   £2777 per item/job 2015-01-19
Full rewire   £2814 per private 2015-06-30
Full rewire 2-bed bungalow £2054 per item/job 2015-04-11
Full rewire 2-bed flat £2567 per item/job 2015-04-23
Full rewire 2-bed house £2093 per item/job 2015-03-29
Full rewire 3 bed house £2500 per 1 2015-07-15
Full rewire 3 bed house £2399 per item/job 2015-08-11
Full rewire 3-bed bungalow £2455 per item/job 2014-07-29
Full rewire 3-bed house £2703 per item/job 2015-08-11
Full rewire 4-bed bungalow £2921 per item/job 2012-08-25
Full rewire 4-bed house £3929 per item/job 2015-01-21
Full rewire 5 bed house £7976 per item/job 2015-01-21
Full rewire 7 bed house £7192 per item/job 2015-01-17
Full rewire Labour £2469 per item/job 2014-06-08
Hourly rate   £83 per hour 2015-06-26
Hourly rate   £100 per item/job 2015-01-09
Hourly rate   £394 per private 2015-04-14
Kitchen   £308 per item/job 2015-01-15
Kitchen Connect Oven £148 per item/job 2014-03-27
Kitchen Connect Oven £405 per private 2015-04-25
Kitchen Rewire £831 per item/job 2015-05-03
Kitchen Rewire £1314 per private 2015-07-22
Labour costs   £362 per item/job 2014-05-30
Loft conversion   £1260 per private 2011-10-01
Loft conversion Wiring £1276 per item/job 2011-02-11
Minimum charge   £61 per item/job 2015-06-18
New property jobs Wiring £1488 per item/job 2013-01-09
New property jobs Wiring £3350 per private 2015-08-13
Outbuilding   £500 per private 2013-11-16
Outside security lighting   £270 per item/job 2015-05-03
Periodic electrical inspection   £168 per item/job 2015-07-22
Periodic electrical inspection   £223 per private 2015-06-13
Periodic electrical inspection incl certificate £152 per item/job 2015-08-08
Repair   £498 per item/job 2014-07-25
Shower Repair £199 per item/job 2013-06-27
Wiring   £1081 per item/job 2015-08-18
Wiring 3-bed bungalow £2159 per item/job 2012-06-20
Wiring 3-bed house £2342 per item/job 2015-06-18
Wiring 3-bed house + garage wiring £3603 per item/job 2014-09-22
Wiring Bathroom £266 per item/job 2009-10-15
Wiring Exterior £150 per item/job 2007-08-22
Wiring Kitchen £462 per item/job 2012-01-23
Wiring Outbuilding £807 per item/job 2012-10-16
Wiring Partial £672 per item/job 2015-03-20
Wiring Repair £315 per item/job 2010-09-27

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"Due to the major problem of finding a good reliable sparky I find myself training to become one at the wrong side of 40. Lately be it the shortage of work or what ever I have never come across as many sparkys trying to frighten customers into additional work they don\'t need. I. E. Home owner being told a hard wired smoke alarm must be fitted at a cost of £300.00 I am pleased to say that the customer had the sense to check up like we all can that this was a complete lie bearing in mind the house was built pre 1992 and has battery smokes fitted. I am hoping my honesty to future customers is shown plus the face I am willing to plaster patch and make good for the cost of labour that a rewire seems to generate. Up in the north the going rate on a 2 bed is in the region of £2200 - £3000 "

John watkins

"cheep isnt always best im a new spark 17th edition but dont have 30 -40 years of bad habbits we learned the new regs etc if the older ones hired more younger ie 25-30yr olds then you would have ppl with these regs and continue working, its harder for us new to start"


"Part P has been and continues to be a disaster for Electricians. But to give a little bit of credit, something had to be done. Ok, it hasnt been done well but since when did any new legislations work successfully first time? Even if a few kitchen fitters, tilers, bathroom fitters, etc and a few members of the public adhere to Part P, then things will be a little bit safer all round. All we can hope for is that Part P will be refined in a way to suit all eventually. In theory, I personally feel it should be similar to the Gas Safe Register system. The problem being though, is that the majority of home owners will attempt electrical work as it has always been the norm to do so and in my experience I have never heard of or known someone to attempt their own gas supply/connection/alteration works. So I feel there will be many years of waiting until the Part P regulation suits all of us."


"This Part P business has been a disaster for the the genuine electrician because it doesnt stop the "6 week spark" from setting up in business as long as he pays his £400 to NICEIC etc and it doesnt stop the "Handy man" plumber doing your kitchen or bathroom wiring along with everything else or the guy who buys and sells properties and "does them up" for the same reason. Neither does it stop the "Tom, Dick or Harry" doing his own electrical work. All it stops is the guy who has been a qualified electrician for 30 or 40 years from trying to set up a small business now the industry has collapsed due the banking crisis and the incompetent governments, because he can't guarantee being able to re-coup the £400 a year certificate to say that he is a good electrician! "


"who makes these prices up i must be the cheapest sparky in the country"


"Does anyone have any prices for PAT testing?"


"As a electrical contracting business owner, I read with amusement at some of the comments left on this site. Firstly, where are these so called average prices based from? London? The majority of these costs are sky high. Secondly, I have never taken seriously, the Part P regulations. Yes, the idea was good, but in practice, look on the internet. You will find courses to become an electrician in six weeks! There is no way that you can train in that time. I know from first hand, all that they get taught, is how to wire a ring main circuit, two way lighting and work on a consumer unit. That doesn't make an electrician. There are also tilers registered with Part P with no qualifications in electrical work. For all you conned public out there, try and use an ECA or NICEIC registered contractor or at least get a good personal recommendation from a close friend or relative as to quality of work. You should not be paying extra for certificates unless it is just an inspection. ALL ELECTRICAL WORK MUST HAVE A CERTIFICATE, EVEN IF IT IS A NEW SOCKET FRONT and must be included in the job cost. Beware, Part P has just brought idiots out on to the jobs market."

Mark Edwards

"With reference to Part P of the Building Regulations, how many of the general public have ever heard of Part P? in my experience very few. As an NICEIC Approved contractor I am astounded by the lack of awarness of this legislation. Maybe a television appearance highlighting the serious ness of this document would stop Mr DIY from causing potential life threatening problems if they new, that if found not to comply with the regulations, that this is punishable as a criminal offence then perhaps this would stop them. However until the DIY chains are prevented from selling the materials to the general public to do electrical work then we will continue to have fires and electric shocks created by unqualified and as such potentially lethal DIYers. "

Paul Reeves

"Customers have to decide what they want, cheap cowboy cutting every corner or professional who is going to solve the issues. As per Part P program or NIC EIC enrolemnt this is not must have for any electrical company, those whit out can be as good as with. All depends on approach to the subject. "


"I am not an electrician in UK and so am not familair with all details however I have experience in France and I don\'t include French electricians and other trades who are very often very very good and only French tradesmen are used on my house for their skills and local knowledge and because..it\'s their country...and their place of making a living...In France I see some diabolical wiring done by British \"


"There seems to be a lot of negative feeling about part 'P' on this site, why? Lets look at the facts. Electricity is dangerous, oh yes we all live with it, we all manage it every day. Turning of the light by a single flick of a switch, changing a fuse or lamp that has blown. It has become like water the life blood of our society and as a result we have become complacent. What we forget is it is the tiger in the undergrown waiting to pounce, it can bite at any time causing death to our loved ones, ourselves and destruction to our home. Why, because of our complacency, because we use the guy next door, our friends, our mates or even our own family that \'Know a bit about electricity\'. Oh yes they can get that light to work, add a socket or change a fuse, but how do they and you know its right, can you or they see the heat in the cables, can smell the hot PVC, the broken earth ring, the stolen neutral. No...Not until it burns in the middle of the night and not even then because getting your family membere out of the flames is a higher priority. You may think this is dramatic, but for many families it has been and will be a reality. We now have in place a system to prevent this its called part \'p\' and what it means is that your brother, sister, friend neighbour can continue to play with electricity and cut out the middle man provided he or she follows the rules and ensure that tests are made and officialy recorded to protect the those innocent and potential victims. Tests need to be made and records kept so that in future it can be determined whether things are becoming unsafe. Part \'P\' is a positive move forward for everyone and can save lives, but the key to its success is not with the governing bodies or with the electrician\'s, it is with those who want the work done. Your decision, your choice.... those that can make it work or those that can make it work and prove its safe. The difference between the cowboy and the professional in reality is only a few pounds. Consider this, cowboys aim to get in and out as quick as possible cutting corners if they have to. Their prices are cheap not because they have a lower hourly rate but because they havn\'t put in the time and done the work correctly. I am not saying that there is not the bad apple trading under part\'P\', but if they are I can assure you the yearly assessments by the governing bodies Napit, Elecsa, Niceie etc will soon eradicate these. Check the prices on this site, be realistic and you won\'t go far wrong. Its your choice, its your family. What are they worth to you. Embrace part \'P\' its designed to save lives."

Real Deal

"Looks like a lot of people are putting up low prices to get the work, but when you get there your gonna say, this is gonna be more expensive, because, you need this, or you dont have that, it veru simple, a 3 bed is around 3-3500 and a 4 bed with garage is about 4200- to alomst 500 for a decent job, when it comes to electrics steer clear of "good deals" a sparky knows how much to ask for, and these cheap deals are othing more thean that, if you want good decent safe electrics, it costs money and theres not much you can do about that!!!"


"These prices are a great guideline can i just say my company's prices are lower then all these some by quite allot 07823337771 thank you."


"i must put up my prices it seems every job i price ends up being done by workmen with no insurance and no part p its not working "

dbk electrical bradford

"Electrician call out and minimum charges seem low - would have thought £50 - £60 plus VAT seems to be what we have to pay"

Sue Pace

"How much to remove sockets and switches which don't do anything? We have about 7 in our house."

Nicola Lewis

"the average price for a rewire 2up 2down is, in Lincolnshire known to be £1700. excluding new installation certificate. This does not include additional non standard items such as outside lighting, showers, dycroic lighting. But as new work must include alarm circuit. This is the stem price trade compete over. I see on your list Consumers replace not including periodic which is required for board changes. I see you are showing consumer board changes without stating that the new install certificate must accompany a consumer board change. Customers should not be misled The law require this action as the change effects the whole installation and therefore testing is proof and recording is the only legal way to satisfy the regs. NAPIT electricin"


"Thanks This has been a great help."


"I am just wondering about the prices on this site, Dose the price include all the wires and fixtures?? i.e: to wire a new house. Thanks
(Admin: Please click on the links to see detailed prices which cover that )"


"This page was exceptionally and massively useful to me and I am very grateful for the service. Needed to do periodic tests and when electrician quoted me I was able to accept right away as I knew it was a very good price (PS it was £120 PER PROPERTY - bRIGHTON"

shula rich

"I agree with this Niciec thing. I had a call from a niciec domestic installer. He carried out a periodic inspection and test about 12 months after I had done some installation work. He started to quote the regs at me, threaten me with trading standards and my trade association. He did not realise the premises were commercial, and not domestic so everything he was waffling on about did not apply. He then told me I had left an open circuit on a ring main. I had to explain to him the difference between a ring main and a radial circuit. So for all his shouting and threats it turns out it was not me it was his testing techniques. At least i was able to help him there. I also teach so was able to offer him a deal on a 2391!"

V Schofield

"I had a hot tub put into my circuit board in my back office. However with the installation of the hot tub my sockets didn't work anymore in my office (though the lights still do along with the hot tub) How much would this cost to fix?"


"j dotwset says "The NICEIC has the highest standards of the bodies. Absolute rubbish, more domestic installer cowboys working for nic than all the other registration body's put together "


"Hi Paul
It depends on the job and we try and make it obvious if materials AREN'T included by the job name. If you click on the link in the table you will get to see the actual prices we have had submitted rather than the average price. In this detail you will (hopefully) see what is or isn't included (VAT is always included unless said otherwise)"


"Also please could any one inform me whether these prices include the cost of materials....? Many thanks."


"Hi I was just wondering that the prices for example for a 3 bed house rewire is for 3,ooo roughly do electricians also charge additional for the labour as well because on here it sort of says that to me...?"


"Reply to loiuse cullen. Loiuse, Iam a NICEIC registered and Approved contractor here in Dumfries and Galloway. Your electrician seems to have forgotten his custommer service never mind his work practices. I always completly finish a job and issue a test certificate for works done. I take it you have not recieved one of these?.. My advice is to take him to the trading standards and if he is registered then report him to that organisation ie the NICEIC or Napt etc. The green and yellow wire you decribe is probably a earth bonding wire and it is not uncommon for a small amount of copper to show where it is connected to the main water pipes or gas pipe. If you have any doubts or questions please feel free to call our office here in scotland where i will be more than happy to give my advice for free . Electrotech Electrical Contractor 01387 730 756 or mob 07941 819 140 "

David Lamont

"Afraid with the best will in the world,there are cowboys in every industry, personnally I wouldn't expect to pay for work that wasn't done properly in the first place. You could try the your local building control who may pursue it for you as the your description tends to suggest that the work hasn't been completed in accordance with the electricity regs and as such does not conform to building regs Part P "


"Paul - I agree that this is especially true for electrical work which depends so much on the circumstances but are you saying its not even possible to give a guide price range?"


"I am hoping a qualified electrician can help me! We recently had our house re-wired, then we called our electrician back for extras. we have had many problems with his professionalism and his attitude in our home. to name a few problems, he left live wires with a bit of insulation tape covering it, didnt recess sockets enough, delay and flickering lights. he is self employed and i have written him a complaint letter. he wants payment for call back jobs, but i am unhappy with payment as it does not reflect his work, plus we have to pay out for repair work. so my questions are, do i have a leg to stand on? who can i ask for advise and support? am i correct to not be happy!? oh also on the main circuit, there is a green and yellow wire with the copper inside showing at the top where its connected, about half an inch. any advise would be appreciated. "

loiuse cullen

"i disagree i paid my fee to niceic and had my inspection within 5 weeks it was a total of 5 and a half weeks from first contact to being registerd"

j dotwset

"The NICEIC has the highest standards of the bodies. The above prices are unrealistic for the job rates, there is no way you can price a job with out looking at it. If someone can tell you that over the phone, I would be very cautious."


"i have contacted the NICEIC with letters, emails, faxs and phone calls and have waited nearly 8 months just to get a date for my pre inspection, i had been trading for 6months before so there should of been no delay"

mark c

"Why ONLY a "NICEIC Approved" link...... What about the other electrical approvals bodies / scheme providers such as NAPIT, ELECSA and ECA? There are many examples within the electrical industry where contractors who are members of bodies other than NICEIC are rejected by potential clients who are ignorant of the fact that there are other approvals bodies and that NICEIC does not have a monopoly on the trade. The single focus on NICEIC is a bit like saying that Barclays is the only bank in the UK."