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Cinema Ticket prices by area

Below are some user submitted average prices of cinema tickets in the UK organised by area of the country and time of viewing.

The accuracy of the price depends upon the number of cinema ticket price submissions we get.

Location of Cinema e.g. Nottingham Area
Brand of Cinema e.g. UCI Show Time
Cinema Prices (£'s)
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Cinema Ticket Costs: Disclaimer
Area Weekend Evening Weekend Matinee WeekdayEvening WeekdayMatinee
Northern Ireland £4.72 £4.16 £5.55 £4.81
Wales £5.36 £4.89 £5.35 £5.05
South Coast £5.37 £4.61 £5.35 £4.98
North East £5.40 £4.98 £5.40 £5.04
Midlands £5.45 £5.07 £5.46 £5.04
North West £5.50 £4.94 £5.23 £4.96
Scotland (Highlands) £5.50 £5.28 £5.23 £4.13
East Anglia £5.69 £5.06 £5.54 £5.07
Scotland (lowlands) £5.72 £5.21 £5.53 £4.98
South West £5.78 £5.23 £5.44 £5.17
South East £5.92 £5.18 £5.60 £5.17

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