Cost of Buying House

Cost of Buying a House

Buying a house is not a cheap thing! There are many costs associated with moving house, including things such as stamp duty, mortgage arrangement fees, evaluation fees, house surveys and solicitor fees. Then don't forget things such as removal costs, buying of new furniture, changing utility suppliers. All these things add to the cost of moving house. The costs below are an example of what one new home-owner paid to buy their new house. Note that they were a first time buyer so needed to fit their new house with all the essentials, but of course, they had less moving costs....

Table for House Buying Costs

House Buying Costs: Disclaimer
Category Description Price

Buying the House

Mortgage Arrangement Mortgage arrangement fee (per mortgage) £300-£400
Survey Home-buyers survey - typical house inspection and report £350
Solicitor Fees Total costs of legal arrangement fees £950
Searches Water, sewage, planning permission, environmental search etc £300
Stamp Duty 1% for a £200,000 house £2000
Transfer Fee Cost of moving the mortgage and deposit £25


Kitchen Costs: Disclaimer

Category Price

Oven £400
Fridge/Freezer £200
Washing Machine £300
Dishwasher £200
Microwave £40
Blinds £80


Bedroom Costs: Disclaimer

Category Price

Bed £400
Wardrobe £100
Chest of Drawers £80
Blinds/curtains £80


Living room Costs: Disclaimer

Category Price

Sofas x 2 £800
TV £200-2000

"Do the costs for the kitchen etc include fitting or is it simply the cost of the appliance? Also to add about mortgages me and my friend have just got a mortgage with 0 arrangement fee. Was with Natwest interest only mortgage fixed rate of 4.25% with a 25% deposit."


"Very helpful information. "

Chris Fullard

"Hi Wendy. My fiance and I are first time buyers, and have just got our mortgage sorted after putting in an offer on a house.It is with Cheltnham & Gloucester and they have a mortgage with a £495 arrangement fee. Fixed rate mortgage for 2 years with 15% deposit. We found this to be one of the better fees available! Hope this helps!"

Emma B

"A mortgage arrangement fee these days seems to be a minimum of £999 wherever you look. You are a bit out of date quoting £400. If you can get one arranged for £400 let me know where!"


"Thank you. Have corrected the spelling mistakes."


"A very useful page but perhaps you should consider correcting the following words "inspection" "arrangement" "search" & "drawer", "

Jane Cary