Furniture in Conservatories

Furniture for Your Conservatory

So you've decided to add on to your house with a new and beautiful conservatory to grow some of those attractive, flourishing plants that you've always wanted to grow yourself.

But did you factor in the conservatory furniture? Yes, that's right, many people who take on a new conservatory forget about the furniture-finding the right furniture, and the costs that are associated with it.

So what do you need to know about conservatory furniture?

Well, first of all, consider the material. Generally speaking, conservatory furniture resembles a bamboo-like structure, and is often labeled as being made from cane. While this is true to a certain extent, most conservatory furniture is made from rattan, which is what we call "cane," so it's essentially the same thing.

Material Choices For Conservatory Furniture

Rattan is usually the material of choice for conservatory furniture, as it's incredibly strong and structurally sound, yet extremely flexible. Rattan can be split or cut very easily into strong and flexible sections, which are then woven into beautiful pieces that can make up your conservatory furniture.

Wicker is another popular choice for conservatory furniture. Wicker is also quite flexible like bamboo and rattan, but for some is not a strong or sturdy enough material to use for their conservatory furniture.

For those who are looking for sturdy and durable material, consider trying hardwood as the material for your conservatory furniture. Although not flexible, this material will give you the strength and endurance you are looking for.

What Kind Of Conservatory Furniture Will You Need?

What kind of furniture will you want to grace your new conservatory? For most customers, a simple set consisting of a sofa (usually a two-seater), two arm chairs and a coffee table is all they need. Some prefer fancier suites that could include a bigger sofa, an extra arm chair or end tables.

In addition to material, you'll of course be wondering how much this beautiful but necessary conservatory furniture will cost you. The reality is that this will vary drastically, depending largely on the material used as well as the quality of the items.

For example, a simple, basic wicker conservatory furniture set (including a two-seat sofa, two arm chairs and a coffee table) can cost around $400 USD. A higher quality set, though, made from wicker or rattan, might be priced at closer to $900. A hardwood set can be almost twice that much, and the highest quality conservatory furniture, usually made from synthetic cane, can run upwards of $2,750.

Of course, you can always choose to buy your conservatory furniture items separately, as you need them or as you can afford them. However, if you don't already own any furniture for your conservatory (whether some was given to you secondhand, whether you saw a steal of a deal on an armchair at a garage sale or if someone bought one piece for you) and you know you want a full set eventually, it's best to wait until you can buy the whole thing-you will usually end up saving more money, and you'll have a set that matches.

Best Time To Shop For Conservatory Furniture

The best time to shop for conservatory furniture is in the fall, when many outlets and stores will try to get rid of their spring and summer stock, offering end-of-season sales. If you shop at the right time and shop around to try and find the best discounts and deals, you could save up to 50 percent on good quality conservatory furniture.

Another option to try, besides local retailers, is to shop online. Here you can order conservatory furniture from all over and compare prices, delivery and shipment as well as types and quality of furniture.