Garden Sheds, turfing, patios etc

Looks at garden services, landscaping, and additions of features to the garden as well the cost associated with performing some DIY garden improvement tasks

Patios, decking, turfing and even garden sheds are all considered in this section.

Gardening Costs: Disclaimer
Decking Local joiner with no serious experience per m2£34
Decking  Local decking company with reputation per m2£92
Decking National decking company per m2£86
Decking Design and build yourself per m2£24
Patio Ground leveled, patio laid and pointed per m2£50, 60, £70
Patio  DIY per m2 info
Shed Self assembly good quality, timber shed per m2 buy
Shed  Timber and shed erection included per m2£52-90 article
Shed Shed erection (if not included) £85-100
Fencing Local companies - Standard materials per m £25-30 info
Fencing  Local company - High quality materials and gate per m £87
Trellis mer m £18-25
Pond Dig hole, liner, electric connection, simple fountain per m2 
Greenhouse Click for more info per m2£60-100 buy
Log Cabins Click for more info per m2£70-100 info
Summer Houses Click for more info per m2£180-225 info
Gardener Labour costs per hour £8-10 info
Laying a lawn Turfed: Surface rotivated, levelled and good quality turf per m2£3.55
Laying a lawn  DIY turfed
Click for more info
per m2 £2.26
Laying a lawn Grass seed per m2£0.50
Landscape Average garden professionally evaluated and modified per job £2000-3000,2500
Hedging Laurel 52 ft £223