Fly Fishing Techniques (and guide to Trout)

For all your fishing needs and worries, check out the fishing articles below. Most fishing articles have been supplied by Brett Fogle of Macarthur Water Gardens, who provide immensely informative articles on all your fishing needs

Fishing is life 

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Fish Finders

Brook Trout

Cutthroat Trout

Fishing Tackle

Fly Fishing

Fly Line

Nymph Fishing

Rainbow Trout

Trout Senses (1)

Trout Senses (2)

Wet Fly Fishing

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Brett Fogle is the owner of MacArthur Water Gardens and several pond-related websites including and He also publishes a free monthly newsletter called PondStuff! with a reader circulation of over 9,000 pond owners. To sign up for the free newsletter and receive a complimentary 'New Pond Owners Guide' for joining, just visit MacArthur Water Gardens at

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