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The NHS also provide a basic service to locate a practice the easiest place to find them is using the NHS search page that allows you to look for a variety of NHS and health related practice's. You can also find out whether they are registered with the general dental council.

All necessary dental care and treatment, including dentures is available on the NHS. Since April 2006 the dental charges have changed greatly, there are now 3 dental charging bands and these were valid as of April 2007 as stated on the NHS website. Here is a breakdown of the charges and some idea as to what is included for the price.

Band 1 dental treatment

£15.90 - This covers an examination, diagnosis (eg: x-rays), advice on how to prevent future problems, and a scale and polish if needed.

Urgent treatment when you need to see a dentist immediately also costs £15.90.

Band 2 dental treatment

£43.60 - This covers everything listed in Band 1, above, plus any further treatment such as fillings, root canal work or if your dentist needs to take out one or more of your teeth.

Band 3 dental treatment

£194 - This covers everything listed in Bands 1 and 2 above, plus crowns, dentures or bridges.

These are the only dental charges you should pay when you are having an NHS treatment. Some cosmetic treatments are not covered under the NHS and may cost extra. You should be advised of this before the orthodontic work is carried out.

Please note that all information is unconfirmed. Please contact us if you feel there is an error, wish to have any information changed, or want any dentist information removed.

One final thing: If you're in the US you could try the American Dental Association who provides means to search for their members via type of dentistry and location.

"worth checking as im greater manchester area my son got free dentist till is 19th birthday"

ihate pain

""If a Dentist had to survive on NHS fees they might as well go and work in Tescos as a toilet cleaner" LOL.. well when you think about it, the job isnt that far off, its cleaning after all XD but thats an over-exaggeration with wage, so they either live on a lower wage (nhs only) or become overpaid (private only with their ridiculous pricing)? There was a bbc article on students refusing to go private-so the future of teeth isnt looking good, lol. On another subject, METAL fillings are so out of date in 2012, they need to find a replacement. I wouldnt read too much into how many brain disorders etc amalgam (common metal fillings) may cause, but look at your tv ads, we are all being forced to 'look good' regarding health nowadays with all these non stop Cosmetic Dentistry adverts on tv, and old silver fillings do not look good in the mouth at all, so I would not go out to pay any premium (non nhs) prices for them. They need a replacement fast, but even if there ever is, I dont expect any prices to fall. LOL"

austin powers dad

"NHS Dental fees are a joke and the laugghing stock of the world's Dental community. If a Dentist had to survive on NHS fees they might as well go and work in Tescos as a toilet cleaner"

Aussie dentist

"It should be mentioned that amalgams are toxic waste, and the doctor must use caution in removing them. Patients need to be informed.They should all be removed.toney"


"If you are in the Scottish Highlands, there's a great helpline which you can call and they will tell you which dental practices are still taking NHS patients: 0845 644 2271 - I presume there should be other numbers for other areas of the UK?"

theph mack

"Information priceless. It is soon to do further comments. I'll be back after my research at local nhs & private dentists at the area where I live. Manuel - Middlessex"

manuel - middlesex

"i rang around for the nhs denist in the leicester area and all said that they do not do nhs service was a bit misleading....."


"A good map of the local dentist, a shame none of the links worked to give any details other than an address."


"i find it to find Orthodentist, Haygienest in my area, they all say they do cleaning, but not deep cleaning, i been told by Kings hospital to find one but i don't seem to find one at SW9 8AY they keep doing just cleaning - any idea"


"i am nearly 60 can i find a dentist on nhs that do dont charge high rates for treatment as just started a low paid job NO-NO isthe answer"

peter pedel

"Hi, I went to the dentist,had two teeth removed and that i would need false tooth for front and impression took. I paid 43.60 first, now there said i have to pay 194.00. They new the work what i was going to have done from start to finish. why do i have to pay two seperate charges? I was exspecting to pay the 194.00 anyway, but the 43.60 is not deducted from the 194.00."


"I telephoned the number found on this site because this was my NHS dentist I used until last year when I could not afford there private fees. They confirmed they are only NHS for children up to the age of 18 - which gives a false information for the adults amongst us."

C Barker