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Eye Examination Prices

Unless otherwise advised, you should visit an optician and have an eye examination every two years. It may be necessary to have them more frequently, depending on your age and medical history.If you need to visit an optician then look no further as whatprice has a map of all opticians in your area.

If you wear contact lenses you may be advised to have them checked every 6 months. An optician examination can be expected to include:

Eye Examination

At the optician your eyes will be checked both internally and externally. This part of the test is very important and checks that your eyes are in good health as well as looking for other underlying health problems (such as high blood pressure). The optician will generally check out your eyes using a bright light and microscope that can look at the back of your retina and other internal structures. It is completely painless, so relax. During this inpsection the optician may make notes and sketches about any slight irregularities on the surface of your eye or your retina. This is normal, the aim being to be able to compare these notes at each optician visit to see if any detrimental changs are occuring. Other tests may be carried out such as tests for glaucoma (if you are over 40) or colour vision deficiencies.

Your eye vision

The overal quality of your vision will be throughly check by asking you to read a variety of letters of different sizes. You may also have your eyes checked using new laser control equipment that monitors how your eye lenses focus. Your eyes will also be check for astigmatism and other vision defects.

Eye Movements & Co-ordination

It is essential that these are checked to make sure that both eyes are working together effectively and that undue stress is not being placed on them. This is particularly important for those who use VDUs.' You will generally be asked to "look up, look down, follow my finger", etc etc

Please note that all Optician prices were correct at the time of publishing, but may now be different!: Disclaimer
Spec Savers eye test £2105/2006
Dolland and Aitchson eye test £27.5011/2007
Boots eye test £2011/2007
Vision Express eye test £2005/2006
NHS eye test £17-£30*11/2007
Laser Correction (per eye)£450-85005/2006
Cataract Removal £69005/2006
Cataract Removal £150005/2006
Supermarket brand contact lens cleaner£4.4905/2006
Leading brand contact lens cleaner£7.9905/2006
Supermarket brand eyewash£2.9905/2006
Leading brand eyewash£4.6905/2006

*NHS eye tets is a medical eye test rather than a vision test. It may be free is you qualify for free NHS treatment

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"This page is hilarious a load of people giving out about the cost of an eye test being 20 pounds if a plumber called to your house to look at a boiler it costs 60 quid before any work is even carried out. who do you think pays for the expensive rent on the high street and who pays to educate the optician to a level that they are responsible for the health of your eye and who pays to make and keep accurate records of your eye tests. Do people think that opticians go into business just so they can make a fiver to test your eyes for 40 mins then you can run off to the internet and buy cheap glasses from china. "


"I couldn't believe what i was hearing £20.00 for eye test considering i got a voucher through the post saying eye test f.o.c then i had to pay. Never again will i go there under false info. What a scam!"

p cooke

"No free tests on Specsavers Website and page not available. Test is £19.95 in Oldham"


"Specsavers now £22 when i went in 1/4/2011"


"It\'s now 2011 please up-date.What a waste of time !"

P Francis

"Need up to date prices as at 2011"

M Wynne

"Called the following opticians apart from D&A (6 Jan 2011) to find out on their eye test cost: (1) Boots Opticians - £ 20.00 (2) Specsavers - £ 20.00 (3) Vision Express - Full eye test is £ 38.00 (apparently this includes taking a photo of the back of your eyes) but will be reduced to £10.00 if you purchase a pair of glasses on the same day; regular eye test is £28.00. (4) Donald and Aitchison (soon to be Boots Opticians): £27.50 (as stated on their website) Hope it helps!"


"After looking at this website, I feel totally ripped off by the Optician I went to. EYEWORKS in Bromborough charged me £40 for an eye test (08/12/10). As you can probably tell, I won't be going back there!!!"

Evelyn Cooke

"Not really up to date is it?"


"Just to keep this up to date - Free Eye tests for everyone at Tesco's! 20/10/10 Appointments in store or 0845 6013479 "


"I was charged £34 for a 10-minute contact lens check-up in Vousdens in Bath. I was not asked for my age (I am over 60, male) nor whether I was on benefits (which I am). Was I ripped off?"

Derek Le Page

"BOOTS OPTICIANS OFFER £5 EYE TEST TILL 31/12/10- go to boots.com and print off the voucher to take with you"


"Specsavers is now £18.95 but I got given a voucher from them so got my eye test done for only £10"


"I think the tactic (scam) of charging separately for eye tests and contact lens tests should be investigated. I have just tried to buy some more contact lenses which I only wear occasionally (once a week) but the opticians (specsavers) will not issue any until I have had a contact lens check. They will not combine this with my normal eye test which is due in a couple of months. They will therefore charge me £22.50 for each test, a cost of £45 before I have even paid for the contact lenses. Such charging will drive people away from getting these important health checks done at the appropriate frequency."


"Why isn't there a standard NHS eye test price like the dentist. I was horrified to be charged £40 recently."

M. Shipman

"Free eye test for all at Tesco's"

"This comparison of prices you show is no good unless it is updated regularly, not 4 years out of date."

Amy Stilwell

"you have said "eye tets" not eye test, but otherwise a great site"

Michael Griffin

"For anybody who wants to know, the reason why you still have to have a contact lens check despite having had an eye exam to purchase contacts lenses is simply it is a requirement. no optocians are alloowed to sell contact lenses to patients who have not had an uptodate contact lens check and eye exam. this is because the general eye health plus more specifically how the contact lens material used affects the eye are both important, and in determining the right contact lens material which is suitable for the eye, a contact lens check up needs to be carried out "


"Current price in kenilworth for a bog standard eye test is £30.00...I wish I was on £90.00 per hour !!"

Where are my national insurance & tax contributions going to???

"Sight test is £18.95 as of 24/01/2010"


"I think your web designer need to see an optician - there are several spelling errors throughout."


"Specsavers buy cheap brands of contact lenese and then re-labelle them so that customers will not know what brand they are getting. This is to keep customers in the dark so that they over pay for the service. I was on the direct debit scheme ( aka direct debit scam), where I was paying £15 a month but receiving cheaper lenses. When I told them they simply making up reasons as to why I was paying more, the different members of staff gave me different reasons each time. I still did not get a refund, as they finally got their lie straight and told me that they only changed the name of the product but it was the same. I cancelled my direcr debit with them."


"Vision express also charge £22 in some stores (newer). Currently half price offer if booked online, so book for £10 or £11.50. Search for BOOK EYE TEST"

eye test

"specsavers state that as november a eye test is £25.00"

m smith

"Specsavers test is 19.95 29/10/2009."


"could you update the prices because it is now 2009 and i am none the wiser."

j nolan

"very helpful,i was interested in general about the eye test and costs.thanks"


"When ordering new contact lenses on- line, despite having had no problems at all with my lenses or glasses and having had a current full eye test only 2 months ago; including a scan of the back of the eye (for which I paid extra)my optician told the company not to supply me the lenses as I need a contact lens check , can any optician or person in the know answer me as to why this is ? as my thoughts are its purely a money making scheme by my opticians. Granted, I understand I may need more regular checks but I wear lenses infrequently for nights out (roughly 10 times a month for a couple of hours each time) Thank you "


"i had eye test 1 year ago including digital retinal scan for £10 extra, is it ok to have this done every year, or should i stagger it."


"what is the price for an eye test feb 2009"

mrs smith

"My son is under 16 years old, and wanted contact lenses. He was given one appointment during which he had the eye test , an oct basic and a topography. The bill was for two eye test, NHS s/t fee, the contact lense test,new glass lenses and 1pair of soft lenses. So far its £520.82 (less NHS Voucher £73.00)It feels like a rip off, esspecially when one of the lenses tore after only going in the eye 5 times. "

j saunders

"I had an eye test at boots. With the free eye test u have to pay for the glasses on the same day or half of it. The women told me to chose my frame and she disappeared. The women at the till says come back some other time. What a service!!!!!!!! she said only the other woman who deals with frames."


"I would also find an update on these prices very useful. Thank you"

Fiona Fraser

"My objective was to determine which company had the most comprehencive testing system and skilled operatives. I did not find the answer"

Mike Finch

"Any chance in getting the eye test price updated, it seems quite out of date? Also, the current cost of an eye test in Asda is only £15."


"What is the difference between a Medical Eye test and a Vission Test?."


"optical express only charge from £395 per eye with Laser Vision Correction"


"but it is and was when you posted?"


"I wondered exactly the same as the previous comment. Please could you date the information so that it is possible to evaluate it's validity"

J Dobbs

"Updated with feedback. Thanks"


"The article gives time sensitive information, prices at the time of print. However it's not dated and therefore there is no way to evaluate this information with relation to it's age. Was this written 10 years ago, 1 year ago or five minutes before I posted the comment?"