Nappy Costs

Cost of Nappies

Average number of Baby Nappies used per day

Before trying to work out the total cost of keeping a baby supplied with nappies it is essential to work out how many nappies the baby uses per day. Typically a new born baby may need around 12 nappy changes per day. This should steadily decrease to around 4 nappy changes per day once they reach around 24 months.

Total Cost for Keeping a Baby in Nappies (UK)

As babies grow older they tend to use less disposable nappies, Fortunately even with a slight increase in the price per nappy as they get larger, you will find that your weekly nappy bill steadily decreases over time.

 Age Group of Nappy Wearer Nappies used per day Total Nappies used in age group Average Cost of NappiesTotal Cost of Nappies
 0-4 Months 12 1460 nappies 13p per nappy £189.90
 4- 6 Months 10 608 nappies 14p per nappy £85.12
 6-12 Months 8 1460 nappies 15p per nappy £219.00
 12-18 Months 6 1095 nappies 16p per nappy £175.20
 18-24 Months 4 730 nappies 17p per nappy £124.10
 Overall Nappy Usage 7.33 5353 nappies 14.8p per nappy £793.32

The total cost of keeping a baby in Nappies for the first two years is estimated to be around £800

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"Sounds about right. Going to use real nappies next time."


"gooood! FINALY one sight that gives u some info "


"its not that good info if half the mums from 2010 say its bad. what am i suposed to do for my child development homework now !!! and ive resurched it and a lot of other sites say compleatly different info to this one, and all the other sites show the same or simillar data."

Sophie :)

"I think the figures above are quite interesting, they are a slight bit higher than what I use for my little one, but its better to have slightly higher figures when budgeting. I have noticed that the amount of nappies used can vary from baby to baby, as well as day to day. There have been days where I have only done 6 changes and then a few where I've done as many as 16. Some of my friends have consistently do 7 or 8 a day. I have noticed that how the baby is fed (breastfed, formulae and solids) effects the number of nappies used as well as if you are using disposables or washables. I'm using washables and found that in the early days I was changing more often than people using disposables. My baby is 8 months old, and I notice I am now changing her less than friends using disposables. As long as the baby is changed when they have used the nappy, you are reducing the likelihood of nappy rash."


"that should be 8 million, not billion, sorry"


"Interesting information, although cost is only one aspect of the nappy debate. Environmentally, we throw away in excess of 8 billion disposables every DAY in the uk, and they are not disposable once they leave your bin! Health and safety of your child, there are up to 200 chemicals in a disposable nappy, some of them toxic. Cloth nappies are easy to use (just as easy as disposables) easy to wash (40 degrees) and look great. It is possible to buy all your cloth nappies for less than £50, not bad when most Council's give you £30 cash back too! Some council's (like Birmingham and Sandwell) also have nappy libraries, where you can "try before you buy". "


"i have no children but the prices of nappies now are over the top they are really expensive, quite bad to be honest with you all but we do need them so they should be cheeper."


"What a load of rubbish! I would like to see the mum who changes her baby 12 times in 24 hours!! NO ONE changes a baby every 2 hours! I mean give the benefit of the doubt for newborns maybe... but up to 4 months??? No way... this data is very inaccurate! 10 a day up until 6 months! CRAZY!"


"I have 3 children who are 73 and 18 months and obviously have been through a lot of nappies in my time, I thought about washable but the time involved with working with 3 was too much, and my first child was in and out of hospital and heart surgery. However it always amazes me when I see these stats for nappy use, there is no way I have ever used 12 nappies in one day. In the first few days with meconium you use around 6-8 and then I end up using around 4 a day after that. I have asked around and I don't know anyone who uses that many nappies in one day even when they are little and I have never had a probably with nappy rash."


"i use roughly 20 nappies per year for my triplets and these types of nappies are very useful but my husband does not agree with me. silly old man."


"hmm kayleigh - use your HIP or surestart grant to get you kitted out? 2ndhand cloth nappies will be cheaper....."


"i think that nappies cost to much money. because if you was an underaged mother. you wouldnt have enough money to pay £200 just for nappies. "


"This is great information, proving that you would no way in hell spend that much, including washing, on real nappies... and then you get to use them on subsequent children - where as that cost is for ONE child. "


"This has been great for information for my child development coursework, however it would be useful if the source was available for bibliographical purposes."


"This was very useful but is this for reusable or disposable nappies? Thanks"


"My friend is only 4 months along but we're using this to start buying nappies now! (I already gave them a disposal unit)"

Maidenhead, UK

"thats hell nappyyyyss!!"


"I just would like to know where this information come from. "


"Good help with science home work(how much does a baby cost) ta xx"


"hhmm.. not good!"


"very helpful thank you, I'm going to use this to compare the costs of disposable & real nappies because I'm hoping to use real ones."


"thank you, yes very helpful"


"this page was very usefull 2 me while iwas doing a yr.7 maths assignment on how many nappies on average would a child wear before it is toilet trained!!"


"how many nappies would a baby use until they have been toilet trained? how much would it cost altogether?"


"nappies cost too much. but do we really need them?? i'll let you dwell on that thought..."


"a baby uses 5000 nappies in their first 2.5 years."