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Making your Home Energy Efficient

One of the largest sources of green house gases (or the 'carbon footprint) is the home. Around 10% of the total energy used in the UK is in our homes, and so even a small reduction will have a big impact on our overall production of pollution.

There are ambitious targets to reduce our home energy cunsumption by 40% by 2020 and 75% by 2050. These sound like pretty hard environmental targets to meet, however with energy efficiency and improved renewable source technology it may well be possible.

The biggest source of energy use in the home is 'space heating' i.e your central heating. This accounts for over 50% of all energy used. Switching to more efficient boilers or even new technologies such as Solar Heating will greatly assist in improving the overall home energy efficiency.

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Home Efficiency Articles: Disclaimer
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Solar Heating Solar panels are convenient in a way as they have no mechanical parts that need to be maintained or replaced. You basically just have to mount them on your roof or at your backyard out in the sun, hoo... 2010-02-17
How to Effectively Save Water It is important to save water both in terms of saving the environment but also to help save you money on your household bills. Follow our top tips to start saving water in your home immediately. ... 2010-02-13
Energy Efficiency Everyone can do his part in preserving the earth's renewable resources. A way of contributing to this endeavour is to use energy efficient appliances. ... 2010-02-08
Solar Power Should I look at home solar energy and where can I find information? What do I need to learn to build a home solar power system that will work for me? ... 2010-02-04
Solar Water Heating Solar energy technology has come a long way in recent years and no longer do we need to live in the Sahara with a solar panel the size of a football field just to heat enough water for a cup of tea!... 2010-01-28
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Loft Insulation Welcome to your new insulated home that stays hot in the winter, and cool in the summer!... 2009-11-29
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Solar Power Environmental concerns and the rising cost of electricity are making many people wonder how they can save money using solar power for the home. Solar energy has long been touted as being a sound choic... 2009-04-19
Energy Audit Home energy audits are the best way to save money on your energy bills. Whether you live in the Southern United States, Europe or the rest of the World ... 2009-04-15
Environmentally Friendly Guide You don't have to be a conservationist freak to be eco-friendly, and it doesn't have to be complicated to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. In fact, there are so many different, simple and c... 2008-06-18
LED Technology LED light bulbs generate only trace amounts of heat, resulting in nearly all of the electrical energy consumed being used toward creating the light itself.... 2008-04-07
Saving Energy Ideas are listed as to how you can save money and energy when heating/cooling your home and using electrical equipment.... 2008-03-12
Woodstoves How to save money on your gas or electrical bill by installing a wood-burning stove. Includes information on how long it takes to install and how easy it is to look after your wood-burning kitchen app... 2008-03-12
Energy Efficient Products Energy saving ideas for your home, including advice about saving electricity by using light bulbs and purchasing the most energy efficient products.... 2008-03-12
Utilization of Solar Power Advice on how to increase your home's energy efficiency by using solar power. As well as helping the global problem of dwindling fuel levels, solar power can help increase the value of your home.... 2008-02-01
LED Lighting A description of how light emitting diodes (LEDs) work and how they help you become more energy efficient as well as save on your electricity bills.... 2008-01-30
Loft Insulation Materials Advice on the best materials to use to insulate your loft. Materials considered are mineral wool and glass wool (non-renewable resources) and organically derived materials such as sheep's wool.... 2008-01-27
Cavity Wall Insulation Describes the advantages of getting wall insulation in your home as well as how it is carried out. Advice is also given on how you can get the job done cheaper with the end results of providing you wi... 2008-01-27
Energy Efficient Windows Provides advice on changing your windows to help you save money on your energy bills as well as help the environment by being more energy efficient. The article discusses two main types of windows tha... 2008-01-23
Carbon Savings Steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint, and save yourself a whole heap of money. All the ideas are very simple, which ones will you start doing?... 2007-09-10
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Eco-friendly Appliances For a lot of people, when buying domestic appliances online or in any other kind of shop the price is one or the most important consideration. However the buying price and the running price which is f... 2007-05-28
Home Solar Power The beauty of solar power is it is a free source of energy.Going solar is also more attractive now because of laws passed by numerous states.... 2007-05-20
Cut Utility Bill Geothermal heating is a fairly old concept that has gained a new life through advances in modern technology and materials. The concept is best explained using a basic example.... 2007-05-20
Attic Heat Loss But just what does energy conservation have to do with mould in the attic? Well if you take a step back and consider how the house behaves as system, they are often directly related. ... 2007-01-23
Environmental Shopping There is an incredible amount of environmental waste in the consumer market from simple excessive packaging right up to environmental pollutants. ... 2007-01-23
Energy Saving Tips This new section is designed to provide a comprehensive list of energy saving tips around the house and home. This list contains many ideas that the public have submitted. ... 2007-01-20
Solar Energy Without a doubt, solar energy is the way of the future. Solar energy production is an extremely simple process to understand.... 2007-01-16
Energy Saving Windows Windows are one of the great energy-wasters of any house. About 25% of the total heat loss is from traditional double glazed sealed windows.... 2007-01-16
Energy Efficient Kitchen Is your kitchen energy efficient? This article is a guide on how to make your kitchen as energy efficient as you can to save you money.... 2007-01-16
Energy Conservation In the past week there has been an increasing interest in landscape design for energy conservation. Rising fuel costs can be offset by landscaping.... 2007-01-16
Energy Efficiency Rising energy costs affect every homeowner. If you are planning a home improvement project, it's important to look at ways to incorporate energy efficient changes as well as merely cosmetic ones. The ... 2007-01-16
Energy Saving If your walls and loft aren't properly insulated you could be paying far to much to heat your home. Likewise if you dont have double glazing your heating bill could be paying to heat the outside. This... 2007-01-16
Energy Saving Advice alifornia's current energy crisis has made conserving electricity a hot topic nationwide. No wonder. The energy emergency is not just a California phenomenon. The North American Electric Reliability C... 2007-01-13
Green Energy Energy used in the home accounts for 31% of all energy used in the UK. In the average UK home it splits roughly as follows: 60% for space heating, 25% for hot water for washing, and 13% for lighting a... 2007-01-13
Heating Bills Imagine leaving a window open all winter long - the heat loss, cold drafts, and wasted energy! Well if your home has a folding attic stair, a fireplace, and/or a clothes dryer, that may be just what i... 2007-01-10
Alternative Heating Even if you owned a million dollar townhouse in Boston's Back Bay, there just isn't enough room on a 25' x 100' lot for a townhouse, small deck, a couple of parking spaces AND a closed loop geothermal... 2006-11-13
Pole Barns Building a pole barn has become a much easier task today. With tons of available ready-to-use plans and blueprints, a handy homeowner can build not only a pole barn of two or even six horse stalls, bu... 2006-04-19
Evaporative Air Cooler If you ask an older relative if they have heard of an evaporative cooler, they may say no. But chances are they would recognize the idea behind the technology.... 2006-03-29
Insulate your Crawl Space Crawl space insulation keeps your house warmer in the winter time. Insulating under the kitchen floor helps prevent cold feet in the morning.... 2006-03-29

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